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Bitblade and aflatto Code style fixes & cleanup -> towards fully automated install includi…
…ng module selection (#101)

* First steps into bringing the playbooks in line with best practices

* Cleaned up unused file

Signed-off-by: Mark Laagland <>

* Removed undocumented and defective PostgreSQL option

Function prevents setting up MySQL, but then goes on to create a MySQL database and MySQL user and import a schema. Clearly this functionality is far from complete (and should be implemented in a different manner anyway)

Signed-off-by: Mark Laagland <>

* Simplified icinga2-ansible-web2-ui role and combined scripts for different OS families where possible, improving maintainability.

Signed-off-by: Mark Laagland <>

* Removed incomplete support for RedHat OS family version 6.

Not only is this version very outdated (though admittedly still in the last phase of free support), the support in this playbook could have never worked since it would first install (php and) php-fpm for php version 7.0, before editing a configuration file for php 7.1.

Signed-off-by: Mark Laagland <>
Latest commit 9c08433 May 15, 2019

Role Name

Ansible role to install Icinga2 Web2 Ui and some of the most usable common modules (List found in Vars definition)



On Fedora from version 22: python-dnf

Mysql or MariaDB - Httpd

PHP (is going to be installed as a dependency of icingaweb2)


Roles: icinga2-ansible-no-ui

Example Playbook

- hosts: MonitoringServers

   - role: icinga2-ansible-no-ui
     icinga2_conf_global: |
       include "constants.conf"
       include "zones.conf"
       include <itl>
       include <plugins>
       include "features-enabled/*.conf"
       include_recursive "conf.d"
       check_nrpe: |
          "-H", "$address$",
              "-c", "$remote_nrpe_command$",
     tags: icinga2-no-ui

   - role: icinga2-ansible-web2-ui
     icinga2_db_pass: "CHANGEME"
     icinga2_web2_db_pass: "CHANGEME"
     icinga2_ido_mysql_configuration: |
       library "db_ido_mysql"

       object IdoMysqlConnection "ido-mysql" {
         user = "{{ icinga2_db_user }}"
         password = "{{ icinga2_db_pass }}"
         host = "localhost"
         database = "{{ icinga2_db }}"
     tags: icinga2-ansible-web2-ui

Role Variables

See defaults/main.yml


GNU General Public License Version 2

Author Information

Valentino Gagliardi - Icinga Dev Team Assaf Flatto - Icinga Dev Team

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