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This issue has been migrated from Redmine: https://dev.icinga.com/issues/1315

Created by pdeneu on 2011-03-21 08:50:45 +00:00

Assignee: Tommi
Status: Closed (closed on 2011-03-24 22:08:44 +00:00)
Target Version: (none)
Last Update: 2014-12-08 14:35:46 +00:00 (in Redmine)

Icinga Version: 1.10.0
OS Version: any


afte a succesfull connection to the oracle databse i get the error in syslog:


status USING DUAL ON (service_object_id=:X2) WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET instan 
ce_id=:X1, status_update_time=(SELECT unixts2date(:X3) FROM DUAL), output=:X4, l 
ong_output=:X5, perfdata=:X6, current_state=:X7, has_been_checked=:X8, should_be 
_scheduled=:X9, current_check_attempt=:X10, max_check_attempts=:X11, last_check= 
(SELECT unixts2date(:X12) FROM DUAL), next_check=(SELECT unixts2date(:X13) FROM 
DUAL), check_type=:X14, last_state_change=(SELECT unixts2date(:X15) FROM DUAL), 
last_hard_state_change=(SELECT unixts2date(:X16) FROM DUAL), last_hard_state=:X1 
7, last_time_ok=(SELECT unixts2date(:X1 FROM DUAL), last_time_warning=(SELECT 
unixts2date(:X19) FROM DUAL), last_time_unknown=(SELECT unixts2date(:X20) FROM D 
UAL), last_time_critical=(SELECT unixts2date(:X21) FROM DUAL), state_type=:X22, 
last_notification=(SELECT unixts2date(:X23) FROM DUAL), next_notification=(SELEC 
T unixts2date(:X24) FROM DUAL), no_more_notifications=:X25, notifications_enable 
d=:X26, problem_has_been_acknowledged=:X27, acknowledgement_type=:X28, current_n 
otification_number=:X29, passive_checks_enabled=:X30, active_checks_enabled=:X31 
, event_handler_enabled=:X32, flap_detection_enabled=:X33, is_flapping=:X34, per 
cent_state_change=:X35, latency=:X36, execution_time=:X37, scheduled_downtime_de 
pth=:X38, failure_prediction_enabled=:X39, process_performance_data=:X40, obsess 
_over_service=:X41, modified_service_attributes=:X42, event_handler=:X43, check_ 
command=:X44, normal_check_interval=:X45, retry_check_interval=:X46, check_timep 
eriod_object_id=:X47 WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT (id, instance_id, service_obje 
ct_id, status_update_time, output, long_output, perfdata, current_state, has_bee 
n_checked, should_be_scheduled, current_check_attempt, max_check_attempts, last_ 
check, next_check, check_type, last_state_change, last_hard_state_change, last_h 
ard_state, last_time_ok, last_time_warning, last_time_unknown, last_time_critica 
l, state_type, last_notification, next_notification, no_more_notifications, noti 
fications_enabled, problem_has_been_acknowledged, acknowledgement_type, current_ 
notification_number, passive_checks_enabled, active_checks_enabled, event_handle 
r_enabled, flap_detection_enabled, is_flapping, percent_state_change, latency, e 
xecution_time, scheduled_downtime_depth, failure_prediction_enabled, process_per 
formance_data, obsess_over_service, modified_service_attributes, event_handler, 
check_command, normal_check_interval, retry_check_interval, check_timeperiod_obj 
ect_id) VALUES (seq_servicestatus.nextval, :X1, :X2, (SELECT unixts2date(:X3) FR 
OM DUAL), :X4, :X5, :X6, :X7, :X8, :X9, :X10, :X11, (SELECT unixts2date(:X12) FR 
OM DUAL), (SELECT unixts2date(:X13) FROM DUAL), :X14, (SELECT unixts2date(:X15) 
FROM DUAL), (SELECT unixts2date(:X16) FROM DUAL), :X17, (SELECT unixts2date(:X18 
) FROM DUAL), (SELECT unixts2date(:X19) FROM DUAL), (SELECT unixts2date(:X20) FR 

OM DUAL), (SELECT unixts2date(:X21) FROM DUAL), :X22, (SELECT unixts2date(:X23) 
FROM DUAL), (SELECT unixts2date(:X24) FROM DUAL), :X25, :X26, :X27, :X28, :X29, 
:X30, :X31, :X32, :X33, :X34, :X35, :X36, :X37, :X38, :X39, :X40, :X41, :X42, :X 
43, :X44, :X45, :X46, :X47)' 
16:54:59 [1298649299.158559] [001.2] [pid=5217] ERROR: MSG 'ORA-01438: value lar 
ger than specified precision allowed for this column 

Any ideas? I used the original oracle.sql script and the database scripts from https://wiki.icinga.org/display/howtos/Icinga+and+Oracle+Part3+-+Configuration
in both situations i get the same error....

Kind regards,



icinga-migration commented Mar 23, 2011

Updated by mfriedrich on 2011-03-23 11:58:52 +00:00

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should be sufficient as first explaination. this is a follow up on issue #1173, whereas the column is not defined as int, but as number with precision 6 and/or 11, which gets exceeded.


icinga-migration commented Mar 24, 2011

Updated by mfriedrich on 2011-03-24 22:08:44 +00:00

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thomas will work on that in #1173, completely dropping number precision.


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Updated by mfriedrich on 2014-12-08 14:35:47 +00:00

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