[dev.icinga.com #1633] cmd.cgi is parameter order dependant #649

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Created by insom on 2011-06-09 19:58:56 +00:00

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Target Version: 1.5
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cmd.cgi commands which require a `host` and a `service` parameter require that the service immediately follow the host parameter. This was introduced in d4789ab, along with multiple checkboxes (which are super!).

iWeb call cmd.cgi from Python scripts, but Python dictionaries are not ordered. We run a patch against 1.4.0 which allows one to merge `host` and `service` into one new parameter called `hostservice` - separating the two by a caret.

I'll be sending along a patch of my implementation. I don't know that it's perfect (for one thing, you can't use caret in service or host names any more), but perhaps it's a starting point.




2011-06-15 21:55:57 +00:00 by ricardo b6fd633

Added ability to combine host and service in one CGI parameter (Aaron Brady) #1633

refs: #1633
refs: #1120
refs: #1644

* added parameter hostservice to cmd.cgi parameter
* fixed dropdown, causing error when not in status list of status.cgi
* changed dropdown from get to post, hopefully ollowing more
  hosts and services to be sent.
* added missing Changlogentry for #1120

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Updated by insom on 2011-06-09 20:06:45 +00:00

  • File added 0001-Add-hostservice-CGI-parameter.patch

This patch adds the `hostservice` parameter, which is position independent.


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Updated by mfriedrich on 2011-06-15 16:49:56 +00:00

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this is a nice feature enhancement, thanks - targetted for 1.5 though.


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Updated by ricardo on 2011-06-16 09:26:03 +00:00

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please test in "test/cgis"


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