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Logstash rules for Icinga logs
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Logstash rules for Icinga logs


These filters are intended to be used within their own pipeline in Logstash. They include input and output configuration to a local Redis instance with hard coded names for keys in which you should write and read all your Icinga logs. (More details below)

If you are not familiar with multi-pipeline setups, please refer to the Logstash documentation.

For ease of use this pipeline will read from a Redis instance listening on localhost. It expects the Icinga logs to be found just as they were on disk in the key icinga.

After processing the pipeline places the parsed logs into the same Redis instance but in key forwarder. If you don't like this behaviour feel free to change the files input.conf and output.conf.

If you need a jumpstart, this docs show you a simple configuration for Filebeat and Logstash.


The logs will be parsed and split into fields where we see a possible use. Field names are set according to Elastic Common Schema (ECS) wehere fit and stick to a nomenclature which should not interfere with your other field names. For details see the docs. Short version: All fields which are not covered by ECS are subfields of the icinga field.

In the dashboards directory there are some sample dashboards you can use with this ruleset.

Every rule adds a tag and a field you can use to identify every known logevent. There is a global rule for adding the version of the ruleset, too.

Status / Constributing

Icinga 2 is always changing and so are its logs. So we try to keep the rules as close to the set of possible logentries as possible but we might always be a bit behind the current version.

In fact, the first version is not complete but it should be a good starting point.

If you need more rules, feel free to change the files but please do send us a pull request so we can incorporate them so every use can benefit.

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