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Icinga 1.x Demo Vagrant Box

  • Icinga 1.x Core with IDOUtils MySQL
  • Icinga Classic UI
  • Icinga Web with Reporting Cronk
  • Icinga Reporting with Jasperserver

User Interfaces

http://localhost:8081 shows an entry page including all urls and credentials.

GUI Url Credentials
Icinga Classic UI :8081/icinga icingaadmin/icingaadmin
Icinga Web 1.x :8081//icinga-web root/password
Jasperserver :8082/jasperserver jasperadmin/jasperadmin


The Icinga Web Reporting Cronk fetches its data directly from Jasperserver via PHP SOAP api.


Windows users require additionally


You can only do vagrant up in a box directory. Verify that by checking for the existance of the Vagrantfile file in the current directory.

$ ls -la Vagrantfile
-rw-------. 1 michi michi 1,4K 28. Aug 12:11 Vagrantfile

Vagrant Commands

  • vagrant up starts all vms for this box setup
  • vagrant halt stops all vms for this box setup
  • vagrant provision updates packages/resets configuration for all vms
  • vagrant ssh puts you into an ssh shell with login vagrant (Tip: Use sudo -i to become root)


Multi-VM boxes require the hostname for vagrant ssh like so: vagrant ssh icinga2b. That works in a similar fashion for other sub commands.

If your box is broken, you can destroy it using vagrant destroy. Next vagrant up run will use the already imported base box, re-running the provisioner to install the packages and configuration.


VM Name Host Port Guest Port
icinga1x 2081 22
icinga1x 8081 80
icinga1x 8082 8080

SSH Access

Either vagrant ssh <hostname> or manually (open the VirtualBox gui and check the network port forwarding).

Name Value
Port Check port list
Username vagrant
Password vagrant


The Icinga 1.x documentation is located at


Vagrant update

On local config change (git pull for this repository).

$ pwd
$ git pull
$ git log
$ vagrant provision