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Created by nomade on 2011-09-22 11:21:31 +00:00

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I'am trying to install the last version of icinga with the new web frontend on Fedora 15:
PHP 5.3.8

The icinga and the basic web interface are running properly. The IDOUtils and MYSql database are also running.

Unfortunately I am having the following error:

[Thu Sep 22 09:21:16 2011] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'AgaviCacheException' with message 'Failed to write cache file "/usr/local/icinga-web/app/cache/config/config_handlers.xml_development__419f03744eed62a654b45009595fa179aa37f817.php" generated from configuration file "/usr/local/icinga-web/app/config/config_handlers.xml".\n\nPlease make sure you have set correct write permissions for directory "/usr/local/icinga-web/app/cache".' in /usr/local/icinga-web/lib/agavi/src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php:544\nStack trace:\n#0 /usr/local/icinga-web/lib/agavi/src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php(95): AgaviConfigCache::writeCacheFile('/usr/local/icin...', '/usr/local/icin...', '<?php??// This ...', false)\n#1 /usr/local/icinga-web/lib/agavi/src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php(243): AgaviConfigCache::callHandler('/usr/local/icin...', '/usr/local/icin...', '/usr/local/icin...', NULL)\n#2 /usr/local/icinga-web/lib/agavi/src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php(475): AgaviConfigCache::checkConfig('/usr/local/icin...')\n#3 /usr/local/icinga-web/lib/agavi/src/c in /usr/local/icinga-web/lib/agavi/src/config/AgaviConfigCache.class.php on line 544

I gave permissions to the directory /usr/local/icinga-web/app/cache, but it doesn't help.

In php.ini the "safe_mode = Off" is set.

Another problem is that I can not find icingaWebTesting.php!

Any Ideas?


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Updated by jmosshammer on 2011-09-22 11:48:29 +00:00

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IcingaWebTesting does not exist anymore, did you find that in any documentation? Then we would have to update this documentation.

did you disable selinux or set your permissions so the cache folder is write allowed? You can test this by disabling selinux (setenforce 0) if your security policy allows you to.


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Updated by jmosshammer on 2011-09-26 16:15:12 +00:00

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icinga-migration commented Oct 6, 2011

Updated by nomade on 2011-10-06 08:30:19 +00:00

In chapter 8 of Installation of icinga-Web Frontend ..." By running icingaWebTesting.php in etc/tests you will be asked to automatically fix this."...

I changed the configuration file /etc/selinux/config, to set SELINUX=permissive, and restarted the system. It must be disable (SELINUX=disabled)?

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