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## <a id="contributing-testing"></a> Testing

Basic unit test coverage is provided by running `make test` during package builds.
Read the []( file for more information about development builds.

Snapshot packages from the latest development branch are available inside the
[package repository](
Please follow the [documentation](
for build and test instructions.

You can help test-drive the latest Icinga 2 snapshot packages inside the
[Icinga 2 Vagrant boxes](

## <a id="contributing-patches-source-code"></a> Source Code Patches

Icinga 2 is written in C++ and uses the Boost libraries. We are also using the C++11 standard where applicable (please
note the minimum required compiler versions in the []( file.

Icinga 2 can be built on Linux/Unix nodes and Windows clients. In order to develop patches for Icinga 2,
you should prepare your own local build environment and know how to work with C++.

More tips:

* Requirements and source code installation for Linux/Unix is explained inside the []( file.
* Debug requirements and GDB instructions can be found in the [documentation](
* If you are planning to develop and debug the Windows client, setup a Windows environment with [Visual Studio]( An example can be found in [this blogpost](
Please follow the [development documentation](
for development environments, the style guide and more advanced insights.

## <a id="contributing-patches-documentation"></a> Documentation Patches

@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ consider passing them in the request body. For GET requests, this method is expl

You can use [jo]( to format JSON strings on the shell. An example
for API actions shown [here](#icinga2-api-actions-unix-timestamps).
for API actions shown [here](

### Global Parameters <a id="icinga2-api-parameters-global"></a>

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