Icinga Director v1.3.0

@Thomas-Gelf Thomas-Gelf released this Jan 18, 2017 · 8 commits to master since this release

Fixed issues and related features

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our

Service Sets

  • You are now allowed to create sets of services and assign all of them at
    once with an apply rule
  • Sets can be assigned to host templates or directly to single hosts

Service Variable Overrides

  • When switching to a host view's services tab, you'll now not only see its
    very own services, but also ones that result from an apply rule
  • You can override those services custom field values for every single host
  • Same goes for services belonging to Service Sets

Apply rules

  • A new "contains" operator gives more possibilities when working with arrays
  • Service vars are now also offered in the apply rule form wizard

Custom Variables and Fields

  • Issues with special characters in custom variables have been fixed
  • In case mandatory fields should not have been enforced, this should work
    fine right now
  • Fields can now be shown based on filter rules. Example use case: show a
    Community String field in case SNMPv2 has been selected, but show
    five other fields for SNMPv3. This allows one to build powerful little
    wizard-like forms like shown here

Agents and Satellites

  • It is now possible to set Agent and Zone settings on every single host. This
    means that you no longer need to provide dedicated Templates for Satellite
  • The proposed Agent Deployment script has been improved for Windows and Linux
  • Infrastructure management got a dedicated dashboard
  • Kickstart Wizard helps when working with Satellites. This has formerly been
    a hidden, now it can be accessed through the Infrastructure dashboard


  • Command arguments are now always appended when inheriting a template. This
    slightly changes the former behavior, but should mostly be what one would
    expect anyways.


  • Testing instructions have been improved
  • Running the test suite has been simplified
  • While we keep running our own tests on software platforms, tests
    are now also visible on Travis-CI and triggered for all pull requests


  • We worked around a bug in very old PHP 5.3 versions on CentOS 6

Activity log

  • You can now search and filter in the Activity log
  • In case you have hundreds of thousands of changes you'll notice that pagination
    performance improve a lot
  • A quick-filter allows you to see just your very own changes with a single click


  • More performance tweaking took place. 1.2.0 was already very fast, 1.3.0 should
    beat it
  • Deployment log got better at detecting files and linking them directly from the
    log output, in case any error occured

Work related to Icinga 1.x

  • Deploying to Icinga 1.x is completely unsupported. However, it works and a
    lot of effort has been put into this feature, so it should be mentioned here
  • Please note that the Icinga Director has not been designed to deploy legacy
    1.x configuration. This is a sponsored feature for a larger migration project
    and has therefore been built in a very opinionated way. You shouldn't even
    try to use it. And if so, you're on your own. Nobody will help you when
    running into trouble


  • German translation is now again at 100%


  • Issues related to fetching object lists have been fixed


  • We now hook into the Cube
    module, this gives one more possibility to benefit from our multi-edit feature
  • Icinga Web 2.4 caused some minor issues for 1.2.0. It works, but an upgrade to
    Director 1.3.0 is strongly suggested


Icinga Director v1.2.0

@Thomas-Gelf Thomas-Gelf released this Nov 3, 2016 · 286 commits to master since this release

What's new in version 1.2.0

Fixed a lot of issues and related features

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our

Permissions and restrictions

  • Permissions are now enforced. Please check your role definitions, permission
    names have changed and are now enforced everywhere
  • Configuration preview, Inspect action, Deployment and others can be granted


  • Director provides a nice activity log. Now it is also possible to additionally
    log to Syslog or File in case you want to archive all actions elsewhere. Access
    to the audit log in the Director can be controlled with a new permission

Configuration kickstart

  • Now imports also existing notification commands
  • Kickstart can be re-triggered on demand at any time


  • Config rendering got a huge performance boost. In large environments we
    managed it to deploy a real-world configuration 5 times as fast as before

Import / Sync

  • Various improvements have been applied, mostly hidden small features that should
    make work easier. Better form field descriptions, more possibilities when it
    goes to syncing special fields like "imports"
  • Property modifiers can now generate new modified columns at import time
  • New property modifiers are available. There is a pretty flexible DNS lookup, you
    can cast to Integer or Boolean, JSON decoding and more is offered
  • Datalist entries can now be imported and synchronized, this was broken in 1.1

Configuration possibilities

  • You can now define assign rules nested as deep as you want, based on all host
    and/or service properties
  • It is now possible to define "assign for" constructs, looping over hashes or
  • Improved Icinga 2 DSL support in commands, implicit support for skip_key
  • More and more developers are contributing code. We therefore simplified the
    way to launch our unit tests and provided related documentation
  • Other objects can be referred as a dropdown or similar in custom variables

GUI and usability

  • Form error handling got a lot of tweaking, eventual exceptions are caught in
    various places and presented in a readable way
  • The deployment button is now easier to find
  • Configuration preview has been improved and allows a full config diff even
    before deploying the configuration
  • Inheritance loops are now shown in a nice way and can be resolved in the GUI
  • A new hidden gem is the multiedit functionality. Press SHIFT/CTRL while
    selecting multiple hosts and modify imports, custom vars and other properties
    for all of them at once
  • Errors or warnings in all historic startup logs now link directly to the
    related config file at the time being, pointing to the referred line

Agent setup

  • The Windows kickstart script got some small improvements and now enables all
    related ITL commands per default


  • You can find a few new commands, with the ability to list or fetch all hosts
    at once in various ways being the most prominent one

Related modules

  • There are now more additional modules implementing Director Hooks. AWS import
    for EC2 instances, ELBs and Autoscaling Groups. File import for CSV, JSON,
    YAML and XML. We heard from various successful Import source implementations
    in custom projects and would love to see more of those being publicly available!


Icinga Director v1.1.0

@Thomas-Gelf Thomas-Gelf released this Jun 30, 2016 · 688 commits to master since this release

What's new in version 1.1.0

Fixed a lot of issues and related features

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our

Icinga Agent handling

  • A lot of effort has been put into making config deployment easier for
    environments with lots of Icinga Agents
  • Related bugs have been fixed, the generated configuration should now work fine
    in distributed environments
  • A customized Powershell Script for automatic Windows Agent setup is provided

Apply Rules

  • It's now possible to work with apply rules in various places


  • All components required to deploy notifications are now available. ENV for
    commands is still missing, however it's pretty easy to work around this


  • Job Scheduler and Job Runner have been introduced. Import, Sync, Deploy and
    run Housekeeping in the background with full control and feedback in the GUI
  • There is a new intelligent purge option allowing one to purge only those
    objects that vanished at involved Import Sources between multiple Import and
    Sync Runs.

Data Types

  • Booleans, Integers and Arrays are now first-class citizens when dealing with
    custom variables