@Thomas-Gelf Thomas-Gelf released this Jul 20, 2017 · 1217 commits to master since this release

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Fixed issues and related features

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our

Apply Rules

  • Slashes in Apply Rules have not been correctly escaped
  • Services applied based on Arrays (contains) did not show up in the Hosts
    Services list, and therefor it was not possible to override their vars
  • Some magic has been introduced to detect numbers in apply rules - not perfect

Host Groups

  • It has not been possible to modify Host Groups without defining an apply rule
  • Hostgroups have not been sorted
  • It is now legal to have external HostGroup objects

Rendered Config

  • Custom Endpoint objects are now rendered to their parent zone
  • (Rendering) issues with the in operator have been fixed
  • You are now allowed to put Notifications into specific Zones

Usability and UI

  • Selecting multiple hosts at once and deleting them had no effect
  • Documentation got some little improvements
  • German translation has been refreshed
  • Header alignment has been improved
  • Escaping issues with the Inspect feture have been addressed


  • Kickstart is more robust and now able to deal with renamed Icinga Masters and


  • It is not possible to list and show Service Sets on the CLI

Import and Sync

  • Synchronizing Data List entries caused problems
  • A new Import Modifier has been added to deal with LConf specialities
  • Issues with special characters like spaces used in column names shipped by
    Import Sources have been addressed
  • A new Property Modifier allows to filter Arrays based on wildcards or regular
  • A new Property Modifier allowing to "Combine multiple properties" has been
    introduced. It's main purpose is to provide reliable unique keys when importing
    single service objects.
  • A new warning hint informs you in case you created a Sync Rule without related
  • Synchronization filters failed when built with columns not used in any property


  • The audit log now also carries IP address and username

Generic bug fixes

  • Fixed erraneous loop detection under certain (rare) conditions
  • Various issues with PHP 5.3 have been fixed
  • Combination of multiple table filters might have failed (in very rare conditions)