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Assets 2

Fixed issues

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User Interface

  • FIX: link startup log warning even for non-standard package names (#1633)
  • FIX: searching for fields assigned to a template was broken (#1670)
  • FIX: changing an argument type from String to DSL didn't work (#1640)
  • FIX: incorrect links from template-tree to non-template commands (#1544)
  • FIX: drop useless object-type field for Time Periods (#788)
  • FIX: clean up naming for some tabs (#1312)
  • FIX: "remove" now removes the correct Service Set on a Host (#1619)
  • FIX: do not fail when "inspecting" a pending service (#1641)
  • FIX: a problem when selecting multiple host has been fixed (#1647)
  • FIX: allow to remove renamed Service Sets (#1664)
  • FIX: resolved a side-effect triggered by hooked Custom Fields (#1667)
  • FIX: config diff URL behavior has been corrected (#1704)
  • FEATURE: allow to filter templates by usage (#1339)
  • FEATURE: allow to show SQL used for template tables
  • FEATURE: allow to defined Service Groups for Set members and for Services
    assigned to Host Templates (#619)
  • FEATURE: it's now possible to choose another target Service Set when cloning
    a member service (#886)
  • FEATURE: Configuration Baskets with snapshot/import/export capabilities (#1630)
  • FEATURE: Allow to clone a Service from one Set to another one (#886)
  • FEATURE: form descriptions are now shown directly below the field, reverting
    a change from v1.4.0 (#1510)
  • FEATURE: show sub-sets in Config Preview (#1623)
  • FEATURE: show live Health-Check in the frontend (#1669)

Import and Sync

  • FIX: Core Api imports flapping only for 2.8+ (#1652)
  • FEATURE: new Property Modifier allows to extract specific Array values (#473)


  • FIX: Director Health Check no longer warns about no Imports/Syncs/Jobs (#1607)
  • FEATURE: It's now possible to dump data as fetched by an Import Source (#1626)
  • FEATURE: CLI implementation for Configuration Basket features (#1630)
  • FEATURE: allow to append to or remove from array properties (#1666)

Icinga Configuration

  • FIX: rendering of disabled objects containing */ has been fixed (#1263)
  • FEATURE: support for Timeperiod include/exclude (#1639)
  • FEATURE: improve legacy v1.x configuration rendering (#1624)

Icinga API

  • FIX: ship workarounds for issues with specific Icinga 2 versions
  • FIX: clean up deployed incomplete stages lost by Icinga (#1696)
  • FEATURE: allow to behave differently based on Icinga 2 version (#1695)

Icinga Agent handling

  • FEATURE: ship latest PowerShell module (#1632)
  • FIX: PowerShell module runs in FIPS enforced mode (#1274)

DB Schema

  • FIX: enforce strict object_name uniqueness on commands (#1496)


  • FEATURE: improve installation docs, fix URLs (#1656, #1655)