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@Thomas-Gelf Thomas-Gelf released this Sep 30, 2019 · 26 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

  • At least PHP 5.6.3 is now required, Director 1.7.x will refuse to work with
    older versions
  • New dependencies have been introduced, Upgrading and
    Installation documentations contain related details


Fixed issues

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our

User Interface

  • FIX: Service-related links in Activity Log have been corrected (#1377, #1816)
  • FIX: Activity Log now works for Service Sets (#1287, #1786, #1816)
  • FIX: Assign Filters are no longer mandatory when modifying Service Groups (#930)
  • FIX: Object type for CheckCommands has been corrected in config preview (#1799)
  • FIX: Import preview in combination with Black/Whitelisting (#1825)
  • FIX: Routing/redirection when working with Data Fields (#1847)
  • FIX: Auto-suggestion field was positioned wrongly once scrolled down
  • FIX: Timezone inconsistencie have been fixed (#1700)
  • FIX: Link-like buttons where shortened on Icinga Web 2.7 (#1928)
  • FIX: Search in range-filtered Activity Log no longer fails (#1381)
  • FEATURE: It's now possible to clone a Service to a different Host (#1796)
  • FEATURE: Scheduled Downtimes for "Hosts AND their services" (#1831)
  • FEATURE: Auto-suggestion and more for Fields based on Data Lists (#1846)
  • FEATURE: Show missing dependencies (#1938)


  • FEATURE: German translation has been refreshed (#1951)
  • FEATURE: Japanese is now available (#1869)


Import and Sync

  • FIX: Avoid caching between multiple runs of sync (#1836)
  • FIX: Imported Rows Table (history) eventually failed on Icinga Web 2 (#1925)
  • FIX: Improved error handling on preview (#1941)
  • FEATURE: When fetching invalid data, Import refers erroneous rows (#1741)
  • FEATURE: Sync now offers a preview, showing what would happen (#1754)
  • FEATURE: ParseURL property modifier has been added (#1746)
  • FEATURE: There is a new generic REST API Import Source (#1818)
  • FEATURE: Sync now supports Notifications and Dependencies (#1212, #925, #1209)
  • FEATURE: Limits (memory, execution time) raised for Import runs via UI (#1954)


Configuration Baskets

  • FIX: snapshots do no longer fail for deleted elements on snapshot (#1940)
  • FEATURE: baskets now support External Commands (#1854)


  • FIX: Command Arguments can now be managed via API (#1416)


  • FIX: importsource fetch did not apply configured property modifiers (#1819)
  • FEATURE: Service Groups are now available on CLI (#1745)
  • FEATURE: A new background daemon has been introduced (#1905)


Icinga Configuration

  • FIX: Allow to render single configuration files larger than 16MB (#1787)
  • FIX: Icinga v2.11 version detection for Agent Installation script (#1957)
  • DEPRECATED: magic-apply-for (a hidden feature) is now deprecated (#1850)
  • FEATURE: It's now possible to define Scheduled Downtimes (#347, #1828)
  • FEATURE: Allow to render command definitions as (v1.x-like) strings (#1809)
  • FEATURE: host address now allows 255 characters (#1890)
  • FEATURE: Director now assists with Services applied to parent Zones (#1634)
  • FEATURE: Warn affected setups when affected by a specific core issue (#1958)


  • FIX: Installation instructions have been adjusted to fit MySQL 8


  • FIX: support different timezones with MySQL (#1332, #1840)
  • FIX: support importing DSL-based Command Arguments (#1812)
  • FEATURE: a new Hook allows to run custom code at deployment time (#1342, #1843)
  • FEATURE: there is a new low-level IcingaObjectFormHook (#1841)
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