Provide CSV, JSON, XML and YAML files as an Import Source for the Icinga Director and optionally ship hand-crafted additional Icinga2 config files
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Icinga Web 2 Fileshipper module

The main purpose of this module is to extend Icinga Director using some of it's exported hooks. Based on them it offers an Import Source able to deal with CSV, JSON, YAML and XML files. It also offers the possibility to deploy hand-crafted Icinga 2 config files through the Icinga Director.

Icinga Web 2 Fileshipper

For getting started please read our Installation instructions, and then you should be ready to dive into Import Source definitions, supported file formats or and hand-crafted Config File Shipping.



  • Added XLSX file support


  • CSV files should give NULL for volumns with empty strings (#6)
  • Small documentation fix