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Icinga vSphere® Integration

The easiest way to monitor a VMware vSphere environment. Configure a connection to your VMware vCenter® or VMware ESXi™ host and you're ready to go. This module provides a lot of context, deep insight and great oversight. Fast drill-down possibilities, valuable hints and reports.

You'll immediately see all your Host Systems, Virtual Machines, Data Stores and much more pop up in your Icinga Web 2 frontend. This alone is already very helpful, but there is more. This module:

  • provides an Import Source for the Icinga Director
  • hooks into the Monitoring module and shows related information next to your monitored Hosts
  • provides Reports, helping to track down anomalies or configuration errors
  • replicates the most interesting parts of your Event- and Alarm History

We currently support all VMware versions from 5.5 to 7.0, and did I mention that all this is 100% free Open Source Software? Finally convinced? Then let's get started!

When Upgrading please read our Changelog.


Why yet another tool to monitor your virtualization platform, one might ask. There are plenty of VMware-related Check-Plugins available for Icinga since a long time. So why all the effort for writing yet another piece of software?

First of all, many existing Plugins are facing similar problems with Session handling and conflicts related to vendor libraries, system libraries or a combination of both. Also, they tend to be pretty expensive, as they are forced to rediscover large parts of your vCenter or ESXi host on every single check execution.

This module differs substantially as it:

  • does not depend on vendor (VMware) libraries
  • replicates your discovered objects in it's own database

Those two main design decisions allow us to show and monitor many more details while putting much less burden on your virtualization platform.


All your vCenters (or ESXi connections)

vCenter Overview

Single vCenter overview

vSphereDB Dashlets

Host Details

Host Details

VM Dashboard in Grafana

VM Grafana Dashboard

Datastore Inspection

VMware vSphere Datastores