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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  1. What is Icofunding?

Icofunding is a platform designed to help you create and manage your own Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). We also provide services to the ICO buyers whereby controls are set to monitor ICOs in accordance with the initial established goals.

With Icofunding, creating an ICO is a simple step process. You only need to create your company profile, set the parameters for the ICO, and a tailor-made smart contract will be automatically generated and deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.

  1. What is a Token?

A token is a digital asset built as an accounting record in a blockchain/distributed ledger. Regarding Token Sales, they could also be known as appcoin or access tokens. Tokens could have different functions according the platform in which they run.

For example, Flixx, the token that back Flixxo video platform are used by authors for making available their work on the network, as they have to “block” tokens in order to upload their videos. User need Flixx for watching content and earn Flixx back for sharing videos with other users (among other things).

  1. What is a token sale?

A token sale is an event in which a startup sells a series of tokens in exchange of cryptocurrencies (such as Ether or Bitcoin) or fiat currencies (such as dollars or euros). Those tokens represent the access, under certain condition to a product, service or network.

This public process for the sale of Tokens could also be known as Initial Coin Offering or ICO.

  1. Who is Icofunding for?

Icofunding is for startups that want to launch an ICO to presale their product or services, or grant access to their network.

Icofunding also helps token buyers in the process of participating in the ICOs launched in the platform, providing access to the addresses of the smart contract that hold each ICO.

  1. Contact info

For general info:

For assistance in the ICO launch:

Token Buyers

  1. What types of currency can I use to participate in ICOs showed in Icofunding's platform?

Token buyers will be able to participate on ICOs using Ether, the cryptocurrency backed by the Ethereum network.

  1. How can I pay for Tokens?

Cryptocurrency (in Ether) payments are sent from your Ethereum wallet to the wallet address shown each ICO. Bear in mind that cryptocurrency payments could take up to 30 minutes or more. You can view the status of the transaction on the Ethereum blockchain using services such as Etherscan.

ICO Launchers

  1. How I launch a Token Sale at Icofunding?

To apply to list your token in Icofunding, please go to go to [*] or reach us at

  1. Where can I find out more information about how to launch my Token Sale?

Please sign up in our platform or subscribe to our mailing list to receive information about how to launch your Token Sale.


  1. How long does it takes for payments to arrive?

Transfer time depends on the functioning of the Ethereum network. En Ether transaction usually takes no more than one hour to be confirmed.

  1. Did my payment arrive yet?

You can see all pending and completed transaction on by introducing your transaction ID.