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uLaunch Previewer wiki

How to use

All Application folders is on Documents\uLaunch-Previewer

The screenshot is save in the folder screenshot

The sdmc is in the folder sdmc

The previewer settings is in the folder testersettings

(For homebrew's entries put your image in the sdmc and set the icon to sdmc:/path/to/img)

How to configure the previewer


you have an Object folders and an Array hb (all can do automatically with Multiselect)

folders is the object with the key as the folder name and the value of the key as titles are in the folder

Example with Folder Text with Mario Odyssey:

"folders": {
  "Games": [

hb is an array with names of the entries json, json in this array will be in the Game MainMenu

Example with Hbmenu:

"hb": [


skipstartup: false|true : Is if you want to skip the startup menu with users when the app start or restart
isthemerestart: false|true : Automatically set by theme change, automatically set to false when app start
volume: number : Is the app volume, you can change it but i don't know if the volume in the app will work after
currenttheme: default|foldername : The theme of the app
lang: lang : The lang of the app, automatically change to en-US when language is not in the switch
connected: false|true : if Connection Icon is NoConnectionIcon.png or ConnectionIcon.png
charging: false|true : if Connection Icon is BatteryNormalIcon.png or BatteryChargingIcon.png
time: auto|XX:XX : if time is auto, the app take the current time, if you want change the time just change to XX:XX, example: 02:50
battery: perc% : the battery percent show
firmware: x.x.x : The Switch Firmware
consolename: name : The Switch name
After is all uLaunch Settings
joyconleft: #00c3e3: The Joycon left color
joyconright: #ff4554: The Joycon right color


is the startup show for users

in the all user object you have:
username: name : the name of the user
usericon: default|path/to/icon : the user icon (256x256) (default is gray)
password: false|pwd: the user password

for uLaunch Themeing see uLaunch Themeing and for uLaunch Entries see uLaunch Entries

For more details on the UI.json see the UI Page

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