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Birth of the Empires (a turn-based 4X strategy game set in space)


The current version reflects the current progress of the project. Features of the current version may be changed in the final version. We highly appreciate your suggestions for improvement. If you find a bug, please let us know. In the following text, this project/application will be abbreviated by "BotE".

Have fun, the BotE-crew Homepage:

BotE is a turn-based 4X strategy game set in space in the style of classics such as Microprose's Master of Orion 2 or ST: Birth of the Federation, playable in single- or multiplayer mode (LAN, Internet). Goal is to gain control and supremacy over the galaxy, either by diplomatic or military means. Divergent victory conditions can be set before starting.

People having played the mentioned Microprose games above will find BotE very familiar in terms of gameplay and controls. Choose one of six major empires and lead it up its way from a single star system in the beginnings of space flight to a full-blown galactic power challenged to keep either peace or its power in the galaxy. Opponents can either be taken by human players or a challenging AI. Main features are a complete resource management and trading on a planetary system level, aliens and random events, diplomatic interactions, intel actions like espionage and sabotage, ship battles and invasions, bribery and intergalactic warfare.

Installation hints: You can choose setup language which will also determine game language after installation. So if you choose German in setup the game will be german version, the same with English which it should auto-detect when you are using an english Windows version. So to sum it up, the installer is multi-language.

Important game hints: To get to the in-game options menu, you need to move the mouse at the top corner of the screen above the "End turn"-button. This will activate a menu bar where you can save a game or open in-game chat with other players. Via GameSettings some options are available e.g. start options like difficulty levels like BABY, EASY, NORMAL, HARD and IMPOSSIBLE. If any problems appear just run BotE as an admin.

Playing BotE will get much fun to you, completely free and for many hours, alone or with your friends online or in local LAN matches.

The upshot: A well-done game for turn-based strategy fans.


System requirements

CPU with at least 1 GHz at least 256 MB RAM 200 MB of free diskspace Soundcard WindowsXP(tm), Windows Vista(tm), Windows 7(tm), Windows 8(tm) operating system or Linux with WINE


1.4 Copyright

§1 - Birth of the Empires (BotE) represents a software which can be used freely for PRIVATE USE and by private citizens only. All other uses, including COMMERCIAL USE by members of any type of corporation, are strictly forbidden. PUBLIC USE is also not allowed unless specifically approved by the copyright holder.

§2 - As copyright holder my person always has to be mentioned explicitly and no other person may be mentioned additionally except for copyrighted content which is owned by the respective copyright holders. Their Terms of Use are fully applied here in this context.

§3 - BotE source code is under "Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL)" license.

§4 - Changes to the source code are permitted as long as my person is mentioned as the author of the project (see §2) and the changes made are not violating §3.

§5 - Any modifications of this application are permitted, if they do not violate §2-3 or the copyright terms of third parties.

§6 - It is not permitted to use BotE to enrich yourself financially by any means.

§7 - It is not permitted to use BotE for any commercial purposes.

§8 - It is forbidden to use any of the pictures, graphics and designs depicted in BotE for commercial projects or to distribute them. Exceptions need the permission of the copyright holders.

§9 - This software may not be offered by third parties (for example freeware/shareware sites) on the Internet on their own, i.e. without the knowledge or consent of the copyright holders. Doing so neglecting this rule means those persons take full responsibility for the provision of the download. The author of this software reserves the right to the sole dissemination to other sources (for example: download portals).

Derived and non-derived images from external authors and websites inherit the copyright license given by those authors on their websites. Do not use anything provided with the BotE download without checking its copyright license on the respective original author's website beforehand. In case of doubt whether the image is from an external author and in case of no explicit copyright information given to a specific image in our release, please ask for copyright clarification or search the author for yourself and do not use the picture until copyright has been cleared for your intended use BEFORE reusing it for example uploading it on a website. In this readme.txt, you will find the Internet addresses for all images (sometimes only for groups of images, not each specific image file). Some images are Creative Commons or even public domain so please check the given author's homepage for the latest copyright details.

All graphics and multimedia contents are protected by their respective copyright holders.

Parts of the Heyoun race skin menus feature design elements rebuilt from scratch from artwork of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game (ST-CCG) TM by Decipher, Inc. No copyright infringement intended.

Some race images contain background artwork not done by the artists themselves but edited by us without the artists' knowing. These background images were googled on the web. Also, no copyright infringement intended.

For playback of music and sound effects, the FMOD Sound System is used in BotE. FMOD Sound System, copyright © Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2010

© 2004-2013 Sir Pustekuchen

1.5 Terms of use

Neither copyright holders, nor someone else can be made responsible for any damage to your system caused or possibly caused by BotE. You are only allowed to use BotE, if you accept this point and all other points mentioned in 1.4.


1.7 Credits

Producer: Sir Pustekuchen

Idea: Sir Pustekuchen

Programming: Sir Pustekuchen CBot Anonymissimus Revisor chrisfirefox plotnik01

Design & Graphics: Sir Pustekuchen Malle Zunder magicmot nemesis5 pd rainer YOT-Project other contributors (see further down below)

Text: Malle Topper Homeros Sir Pustekuchen Luther Sloan Data master130686 Grammaton Cleric Kyle Katarn73 rainer Amun

Data: Sir Pustekuchen rainer Scav Malle Alamar

Balancing & Testing: master130686 Dennis0078 Andi47 Grammaton Cleric Sir Pustekuchen rainer

Music: Eric James Sandman reel2 George R Powell Edgen MarkySpark Kevin MacLeod

Voices: Kenneth_of_Borg Kate Flanagan Krista Flanagan Mike Strobel

English Translation: Malle Matress of Evil denzil85

Manual (german): Gottesanbeter rainer Xenox Malle Sir Pustekuchen

Wiki: rainer Dennis0078 Amun

| special thanks go to the following persons |

Ship graphics: Major race ships: Atrocities magicmot Minor race ships: Kevin Williams Dieter Ludmann and other artists (see corresponding credits file in ../Graphics/Ships/ folder)

Background music: Coalition of Planets: Eric Fu-Wah James Heyoun Trade Union: reel2 "The Birth of a Legend" + George R Powell "One Last Sunset" Khaoron Empire: Edgen "STOGAM - The Battle Begins" Rotharian Star Network: MarkySpark "Blood Throne Battle V" Cartare Union: Sandman "Cirrus March" Omega-Alliance: Kenneth L. Welch "Starlight Requiem v2r"

other music: Lose game: Kevin MacLeod - "For the Fallen" Win game: Eric Fu-Wah James "Finale"

Fonts: Coalition of Planets: League Gothic (Open Font License, ) Heyoun: Liberation Serif (GPL v2 with Font-exception, see special license file) Khaorons: Klingon Dagger (John Tackett aka K'mel) Rotharians: Mandala (GPL v3) Cartare: Final Frontier (Allen R. Walden; free to distribute) Omega-Alliance: LilyUPC

Character artwork: Major Races: Coalition of Planets: Tim Appleby Heyoun: Aaron Sims Khaorons: Baptiste Henry Rotharians: Till Maginot Cartare: Taehoon Oh Omega-Alliance: Andrew Kincaid

Minor Races: Albert Feliu : Adryl Athari Chewark Minali Nezaka Sytaplet

Alex [Brutikong] Velazquez : Mozwar

Andrew Kincaid : Aszrethans Kelnorians Krepraans Remri Templans

Arild Anfinnsen : Aldren Ardren Nundosa Zhordanians

Artur Grzegorczyn : Nynjan Riejson

Baptiste Henry : Rurians

Bojana Nedeljkovic : Azorans

Can Tuncer : Aleubites Bentans Urenglers

Ching Lau : Excalbians

Dmitriy Kuznetsov : Eptirel Keraune Klaanirans Merdinians Tacmacs Wollones

Dr. Markus Lutz : Alemnians Antromel Goboqon Kyrians Yaroborte

Jean-Marc Labal : Ehlenes

Jean-Sébastien Rolhion : (Aqindoan2) Angoliths Baon Cains Chamorans Hiro'akkes Karorr Nacha'urr Nuumbar Okotai Thremdomas Vorians Xegges

Julian Johnson Mortimer : Bandoleri Bretarians Callanec Corvellians Drizzi Fallorans Giradorn Hakonians Heraklete Levans Lokonor Mardus Miryads Mureans Nesaterians Orlans Osseti Scytorians Taltrades Tarokans Tarokese Tarokians Tarokohe Tarokuri Tarokytes Torgoni

Kevin Williams : Xibren

Martin Aichner : Bao'begach Bonerans Droglith Elay Kanorre Lisitans Lukarians Thom Tuc Viebaran Vulmar Xanthonans Zarovianes Zetarians Zuringlians

Pascal Blanché : Aihlinn Andromedans Aqindoan Ankarans Belamar Berut Bitorians Bosniakes Deshant Kryorans Miramari Nordanians Phiori Sjapamarain Skalatians T'arada

Paul Tosca : Delarians

Peter König : Canovek Einar Pambuka

Petr Nasirov : B'war Dougtaeks Hazeti Phorath

Piotr Slomowicz : Enerans Malodans

Robin [Overflow] Marshall : Adamen

Sebastien Sonet : Bothasiori Hungoma Irdans Janaians Ta'ichu Ventrakans

Steve Burke : Vikarmo

Taehoon Oh : Storgor Vawdor Vorgor

Tim Appleby : Brane Kaetrophates Sevar

Timur Baysal : Arcasans Baflides Brac Deritians Hanchac Malingorr Palan Xyretians

Tyler Breon : Ba'a Kraetumir Yimandar

User Interface menu design:

Coalition of Planets: Zunder Heyoun Trade Union: Zunder (build menu and general design), Malle (finished remaining menus from that build menu design pattern) Khaoron Empire: pd (general design and main style element), Malle (created all menus using pd's design element) Rotharian Star Network: Zunder Cartare Union: nemesis5 Omega Alliance: magicmot

Buildings graphics: Jason Leader aka "ForeverZ": and other contributors, see complete list in separate credits file in folder ../Graphics/Buildings/

Troop graphics: Aaron ( Andrew Kincaid Arild Anfinnsen Artur Grzegorczyn Daniel Doerksen ( Dennis0078 (BotE) eRe4s3r ( FeroxX-Gosu ( Henry Baptiste Kandzaemon ( Keith Thompson ( magicmot (BotE) Magneto1969_Stock ( Nikolay Yeliseyev Taehoon Oh Till Maginot ( and other contributors, see complete list in separate credits file in folder ../Graphics/Troops/

Planet graphics: Textures and renders:

NASA , namely Tom Wilson aka "Fungun":
Earth system: (all images from there are licensed under Creative Commons, see their website for further details)
Wolfgang Sigl
Sir Pustekuchen
Yesterday or Tomorrow
San Monku
Photoshop Planetenusertutorials
SavageDragon (from

From users (To access the artist's website there just go to the deviantart website and enter the name below in the search box):

Bareck (Chris Emmons)

Edited and adapted for the game by: Malle

Sun graphics (in system panel) Star Trek Supremacy

Race logos: Coalition: Hawksmont: Heyoun: Anders Sandberg: Khaoron: Netcades: Rotharian: Cartare: Wifislax 3.1: respectively Omega: Andy:

Event screens: Erik Schumacher StartScreen San Monku Colonization event Steve Kilby: Blockade Bombardment First contact with an another race Failed invasion Successful invasion eRe4s3r AlienEntity Combat menu background Gameover (when you lose a game) HullVirus Extinction of a race matiiii Victory (when you win a game) NASA Research success

Galaxy backgrounds: Coalition: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech Heyoun: University of Colorado, University of Hawaii and NOAO/AURA/NSF Khaoron: Star Trek Supremacy fan game Rotharian: moonchilde-stock ( Cartare: NASA, H. Ford (JHU), G. Illingworth (UCSC/LO), M. Clampin (STScl), G. Hartig (STScl), the ACS Science Team and ESA, STScl-PRC02-11c Omegan: moonchilde-stock (

Anomalies: (some of the following were created by Sir Pustekuchen using Paint.NET out of the radioactive nebula image) Radioactive nebula: Star Trek Supremacy Neutron star: Star Trek Quasar: Star Trek Supremacy Radiopulsar: Star Trek Supremacy X-ray pulsar: Star Trek Supremacy Biphasic nebula: Star Trek Supremacy Meaturean nebula: Star Trek Supremacy Magnetar: Star Trek Supremacy Torion gas nebula: Star Trek Supremacy Continuum rip: Star Trek Supremacy Gravitational Distortion: Star Trek Supremacy Ion storm: Star Trek Supremacy Deuterium nebula: Star Trek Supremacy Black hole: NASA, Dana Berry / Skyworks Digital Wormhole: NASA

Symbols and other small graphics: Small resources icons: nemesis5 YoT-project Research symbols: nemesis5 voxelgeek see also separate credits file in folder ../Graphics/Research/ Thumbs-up clipart in combat menu: egore Tactics icons in combat menu: vjeko1701 Trophy/Cup in Empire status menu: jadedreflection Troops icon in system view and on laden transporters: Josh Cloak icon on cloaked ships: Josh

Some race descriptions: Jerron and

Copyright by Sir Pustekuchen ©2004-2014


Birth of the Empires (a turn-based 4X strategy game set in space)






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