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This Wiki is an attempt at cataloging and explaining various bleed mechanics for the Barbarian class in Diablo 4.

In Diablo 4 a bleed can be described as a physical damage over time effect that usually lasts for 5 seconds on an enemy, meaning physical and damage over time bonuses are always included when a bleed is applied to an enemy.

A few quick facts about bleeds:

  • Lasts for 5s unless the bleed source specifically states otherwise
  • Bleed damage is dealth periodically every 0.5s, with each damage instance being called a bleed tick
  • Unlike direct damage, bleed damage cannot overpower or critically strike (unless we have Gushing Wounds, more on that in a later section)

Please use the links in the table of contents to the right, or go to the next section Stacking a bleed page directly.