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NG6-starter TodoMVC Example

This application is example of how you can write your angular applications using NG6-starter as your starting point. Currently this example provides you:

  • Example of small-sized application
  • UI components examples
  • Service example which includes unit tests
  • Unit tests for controllers of UI components
  • Browser-driven end-to-end tests

But there is still some things that should be done:

  • Improve test coverage

If you have some other ideas of how improve this example, or you have questions, please welcome to our issue tracker.

Learning AngularJS

Official AngularJS website is good place to start, but it lacks of best practices and not provides you base concepts, which could simplify your life. There is some links that can help you better understand how to write maintainable applications using AngularJS.

If you have any others helpful links to share, or find any of the links above no longer work, please let us know.

Unit testing

The app uses Karma to run the unit tests, which you can find near the test target (*.spec.js files).

End-to-end testing

The app uses Protractor, an end-to-end test framework designed for AngularJS apps, to the end-to-end tests, which you can find in the e2e folder.

Setup development environment for running end-to-end tests

The app uses Protractor from the command line, so first please install it globally:

npm install -g protractor

It installs two command line tools, protractor and webdriver-manager, and you can use the protractor --version command to verify the installation.

Next, download the necessary binaries for Selenium Server:

webdriver-manager update

Finally, start Selenium Server:

webdriver-manager start

It will start Selenium Server on port 4444.

Running end-to-end tests

First, start the Selenium Server, and keep it running:

webdriver-manager start

Next, open another command prompt, and start the NG6-starter TodoMVC Example application, and keep it running:

gulp serve

Finally, open yet another command prompt, and execute the end-to-end tests:

npm run test:e2e

Enjoy the report :)