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To use this template, clone a new repository based on this and

  1. Fill out this, guided by the tasks below
  2. Implement the test cases in the choosen framework which are listed in
  3. Delete this quotation
  4. Delete tasks


  • Update name to evaluation-(framework name) here and in pacakge.json too

This is a template repository to create test-ware for evaluating certain (JS) test automation tools.

  • Update description to describe purpose of this repository, e.g. This is a test-ware for evaluation FRAMEWORK test automation tool.


  1. Node.js LTS
  2. Add additional prerequisites if necessary

Framework used

  • Add name of the framework
  • Add URL to the homepage and API docs of the framework
  • Add brief description of the framework

Test cases

The implemented test cases can be found in


npm install
  • Add additional setup instructions if necessary


npm test
  • Add additional instructions to run tests
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