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  • Updated to A-Frame v1.0.3


  • New theme: IdeaSpace Compass Blog


  • New feature: field groups: group fields together in a collapsible box; allows to keep a better overview if there are many fields
  • New feature: internationalization (i18n) for themes
  • Bug fix: positioning items on z-axis in content type 'position' was not working properly
  • Fonts helper: allow to configure webfont loader; helps to preload fonts
  • New theme: Image Slideshow: flip through your images in space
  • New field type: painter; paint in your theme with 6-DOF controllers
  • Allow HTML in field info text
  • A-Frame v0.9.2 update
  • Removed Collada model (.dae) support
  • Removed IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour theme
  • Removed VR View themes
  • Updated all pre-installed themes to A-Frame v0.9.2
  • Some performance improvements for pre-installed themes


  • Added support for PostgreSQL databases
  • Added page to edit user profile
  • Added german translation files by Senuros (
  • Updated to A-Frame 0.8.2
  • Added setting in conf/app.php: enable / disable lost password functionality


  • Small layout changes on the dashboard
  • IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour: removed number of photo sphere limitation; added logo


  • IdeaSpace 3D model theme improvements: new teleportation allows to teleport onto 3D models; link to scene from within VR


  • IdeaSpace Welcome theme bug fix: if Google Fonts are used and they need longer to load, the material HTML shader must be updated


  • If content is referenced within a space, and if the referenced content is deleted, a warning is shown. If user decides to delete the content the reference is deleted as well (preventing internal server error in a space).
  • Theme: IdeaSpace 360: hotspots, all text characters are now working
  • Theme: IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour: hotspots, all text characters are now working; bug fix: image loading timeout if DOM not ready; hide controller models if not in VR mode
  • Use Tinymce for rich text editor (field types: textinput and textarea); Medium editor deprecated
  • Added support for animated GIF images
  • Configurable preview thumbnail images for content list
  • Dynamically configure GD or Imagick image driver depending on PHP configuration
  • Removed settings option for showing latest spaces on front page
  • Upload photo spheres: added checkbox to decide if original image dimension should be kept
  • Upgraded to A-Frame 0.8.2
  • New theme added: Welcome theme


  • Introduced rotation field type
  • Introduced space reference field type
  • Corrected mandatory theme config fields
  • Updated themes to reflect mandatory field type changes
  • Updated IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour theme in order to support precise positioning of info hotspots
  • Added a REST endpoint to request space content by specifying the content id
  • Settings: added fields to settings page for Origin Trial Token for Chrome to enable WebVR
  • Added config/app.php parameter to disable user authentication
  • Support tif / tiff texture files (3D models)
  • Updated IdeaSpace 3D Model theme to better support Oculus Rift touch controllers
  • Bug fix: language switch in Settings works now
  • Upgraded to A-Frame 0.7.1
  • Support for glTF 2.0 models added


  • Small visual and text changes to general user interface
  • IdeaSpace 360 theme: controller responsiveness improved on navigation and info hotspots
  • IdeaSpace 360 theme: uses now A-Frame v0.7.0
  • IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour theme: controller responsiveness improved on navigation and info hotspots
  • IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour theme: uses now A-Frame v0.7.0
  • Removed #theme-compatibility from theme config.php files
  • Front page, latest spaces: show only one space at a time, due to performance implications of WebVR
  • Bug fixes for IdeaSpace 360 and IdeaSpace 360 photo tour themes, see respective CHANGELOGS


  • Bug fix IdeaSpace 3D Model theme: ply model hotspot annotations do not need rotation
  • IdeaSpace 360 theme: better support for mouse on desktop / touch on mobile, better looking hotspots
  • IdeaSpace 3D Model theme: better support for mouse on desktop / touch on mobile, better looking hotspots
  • Added new theme: IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour
  • Annoyance fix: do not reset camera position when selecting placeholder in field type position


  • Bug fix: featured space on front page for anonymous user caused error
  • Updated IdeaSpace 360 theme: better looking annotations, Gear VR / Daydream controller support added
  • Added new IdeaSpace 3D Model theme supporting Gear VR / Daydream with controller
  • Field type position: #content array uses now field keys
  • Field type color: default color is black
  • Allow *.tga textures for 3D models
  • Texture image files are not renamed anymore after uploading, because it can break texture file reference in *.mtl files (and others)
  • Stay on spaces deleted page after deleting a space
  • Added #default_value for field type color (theme config.php)
  • Updated to A-Frame v0.6.1
  • glTF 3D models support added (types: embedded and binary, *.gltf and *.glb)
  • Bugfix: prevent *.obj and *.mtl files from renaming after uploading
  • Google Blocks 3D model support added


  • Set x:0 y:-90 z:0 as default photo sphere rotation.
  • New default themes: VR View 360 Image, VR View 360 Video, VR View 360 Image Gallery, VR View 360 Video Gallery.
  • Bug fix: after uploading video, videosphere or audio files, insert link was not shown.
  • Changed license to MIT license.


  • Field types.
  • Asset library.
  • Complete rewrite of the system.
  • field type textarea: #rows is of type number


  • Major improvement of default photo sphere viewer theme.
  • New default photo sphere theme: photo sphere diver.
  • Fixed some bugs related to space URIs and existing / system URIs.


  • Fixes a critical bug which prevented the installation of IdeaSpace in a sub-directory: eg.
  • The DB_PREFIX parameter in .env is working. It enables to have multiple IdeaSpace installations sharing the same database using different table prefixes.
  • Added a temporary page for Media menu.


  • This is the initial public release of IdeaSpace.
  • The focus of the initial release is on managing images and providing a basic photo sphere theme.
  • Images which are uploaded are resized to fit the "power of two rule" for textures and thumbnail images are created for the navigation menu.
  • The theme API is kept to a minimum at this release. The only implemented controls are images and text.
  • There are two example themes shipped with this release: a photo sphere viewer and a hello world theme.
  • Published spaces can be embedded on external websites by using the embed code provided on the space edit page. IdeaSpace implements CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) in order to allow loading of assets from a different domain name.
  • The front page features a list of latest published spaces or a single space (configure in "Settings").