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Simplified Package Management for Python

Plant is a simplified package manager for your Python projects.

Programmers have routinely complained about pip not being as elegant as npm when it comes to installing dependencies. For example, with pip, one has to always specify a requirements.txt file for installing the packages needed for a project. This is an inconvenience, especially when compared to npm, which has an elegant command npm install to install all the dependencies mentioned in the project's package.json by default.

With plant, Python programmers, especially the lazy ones (i.e. the good ones) don't have to face this inconvenience. This packages boils all of the hassle down to $ pip-plant, which simply installs all the dependencies mentioned in your project's requirements.txt.


$ pip-plant
Requirements detected!
Found 10 dependencies. Please wait, installing!
... [standard pip output] ...
All dependencies installed!

That's basically it.


$ pip install pip-plant

This isn't the only problem plant solves. More features coming soon include automatic requirements file updation, dependency stats (i.e. dependency usage proportions measurement in your project) and much more!