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Default browser for hikari
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Default browser for hikari


Note: I am developing Aries on Mac OS X. If you would like to test/use Aries on your platform of choice, you can first download and unzip this repo to your computer, download the latest node-webkit binary for your system, drop it in the root directory of this repo, and double-click on it.

Please let me know if you find issues for your system.

For updates on hikari and Aries, you can follow me on Twitter. I will continue to try and provide regular updates to these projects, but you know how life goes.


  • Typing aries://about or aries://credits in the URL bar will give you some more information about the browser.
  • Hovering links will not make an unsightly status bar appear with the link inside. Instead, this is done in the URL bar! Sometimes gets stuck, but it's mostly okay (like, 99.8%).

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