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  1. Aiolos Public

    A floating panel for your iOS Apps

    Swift 1.6k 65

  2. Create localized App Store screenshots

    Swift 705 38

  3. Ashton Public

    Converts NSAttributedStrings into HTML (and back)

    Swift 449 37

  4. Parse and validate App Store receipt files

    Swift 334 38

  5. MNDocumentController Public archive

    iCloud enabled document controller

    Objective-C 72 2

  6. MNcoder Public archive

    Forked from echoz/MNcoder

    NSKeyedArchiver/Unarchiver composition that outputs portable serialized plists. Specifically written for MindNode. To as losslessly as possible bring NSAttributedStrings from iOS to the Mac and vic…

    Objective-C 4 1


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