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Rails plugin to conveniently use COPY for bulk insertion of rows in PostgreSQL
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Add pg_copy class method to ActiveRecord::Base to provide PostgreSQL COPY support for faster bulk insertion of data.

It is assumed that you wish to create instances of the base class called from, and you must provide an Array of Hashes to be inserted.


Add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'pg_copy', git: ''


Model.pg_copy([{'first_attr_name'=>'first_attr_val1', 'second_attr_name'=>'second_attr_val1'}, {'first_attr_name'=>'first_attr_val2', 'second_attr_name'=>'second_attr_val2'}])

You can also supply a block to supply values to be COPY'd, but it has no real benefits other than looking a bit prettier.

This will create two rows using the PostgreSQL COPY command assuming that all PostgreSQL required values for Model are supplied and all unique indexes are satisfied. Note that no ActiveRecord callbacks will be called nor will any ActiveRecord validation be done.

In case any of the rows cannot be inserted, (most commonly due to a uniqueness constraint) a PGError exception will be raised. failure cases the entire COPY operation is aborted and thus NO DATA will be inserted at all, as described in the PostgreSQL documentation on COPY.

Future enhancements

Allow for bulk insertion of so many records that cannot fit in memory by allowing support for constructing rows just-in-time.

Copyright (c) 2010 [Osbert Feng], released under the MIT license

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