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Python PKCS11 REST Proxy

A flask REST proxy for talking to a PKCS11 token wo having access to a native pkcs11 shim layer. Useful for cripled languages.

Getting started

  1. build a virtualenv
  2. install gunicorn
  3. install this application
  4. create config for your token

Checkout code

# git clone <this github url>

Build a virtualenv

# apt-get install python-virtualenv
# virtualenv /path/to/venv
# . /path/to/venv/bin/activate

Install packages

# pip install -r requirements.txt
# pip install gunicorn

Install this application

# ./setup develop

Create config

In the examples directory there is a script ( that builds a sample config based on softhsm. Install softhsm first, then run to create token, generate keys and create Finally start pyeleven in the same directory as the file:

# apt-get install libhsm-bin
# cd examples
# make
# ls  Makefile  openssl.conf  softhsm.conf  softhsm.db  test.crt  test.der
# env SOFTHSM_CONF=softhsm.conf gunicorn --log-level debug -b :8080 pyeleven:app

This should start pyeleven on port 8080. Now try to sign something by POSTing a JSON object with 'mech' and 'data' fields. Currently 'mech' is silently ignored and RSASHA1 is used for everything. This will change soon.



POST a JSON object to


with the following pattern:

{'mech': 'RSAPKCS1', 'data': base64(<to be signed>)}

if successful the response will be a JSON object:

{'mech': 'RSAPKCS1', 'slot': <slot>, 'signed': base64(<signed bytes>)}

Slot Info


returns a JSON datastructure representing information.