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Azure support? #53

mikoskinen opened this Issue · 4 comments

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First of all, thanks for a great product.

My scenario is that I would like to run the product on Azure and if possible, on Azure Web Sites. Currently it's possible to deploy and start the product, but it will fail on configuration as it cannot read the certificate.

I wonder if there's plans to support the Azure deployment? It's always possible to run the product on Azure VMs, but I personally would prefer a Azure Web Site (or Cloud Service) deployment.


Right now there are some blockers - especially for Azure Web Sites.

a) Web Sites currently don't support SSL for custom domains
b) There is an open issue with certificate loading in Web Sites

Once this is fixed (by Microsoft) this is something we will look into.


Is this only an Azure Web Sites issue, or Azure Web Roles too? I only ask because I came here via looking for the Azure solution :-(

Will dig back in the old code :-)


v2 doesn't have a proper Azure version right now. Maybe after RTM (which is very soon).

But you could have a look at v1.

@leastprivilege leastprivilege reopened this
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