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dotnet new templates for IdentityServer4
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dotnet new templates for IdentityServer4

dotnet new is4empty

Creates a minimal IdentityServer4 project without a UI.

dotnet new is4ui

Adds the quickstart UI to the current project (can be e.g added on top of is4empty)

dotnet new is4inmem

Adds a basic IdentityServer with UI, test users and sample clients and resources. Shows both in-memory code and JSON configuration.

dotnet new is4aspid

Adds a basic IdentityServer that uses ASP.NET Identity for user management. If you automatically seed the database, you will get two users: alice and bob - both with password Pass123$. Check the SeedData.cs file.

dotnet new is4ef

Adds a basic IdentityServer that uses Entity Framework for configuration and state management. If you seed the database, you get a couple of basic client and resource registrations, check the SeedData.cs file.

dotnet new is4admin

Adds an IdentityServer that includes the Rock Solid Knowledge AdminUI Community Edition (open http://localhost:5000/admin in the browser). This gives you a web-based administration interface for users, claims, clients and resources.

The community edition is intended for testing IdentityServer integration scenarios and is limited to localhost:5000, SQLite, 10 users, and 2 clients. The community edition is not suitable for production.

See for more information about AdminUI or to request a trial license.


Install with:

dotnet new -i identityserver4.templates

If you need to set back your dotnet new list to "factory defaults", use this command:

dotnet new --debug:reinit

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