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#About Project

This Proejct Contain mutiple projects, all of which are from Computer Sciences courses of Syracuse University.
Currently, the projects are all from Professor Jim Fawcett, thus he has most copyrights for the lecture material.
The projects are previous controled by Subversion, the server is VirtualSVN Server Manager. Now they are migrated to Git.
After I move to Git, I recgonized that it is not good idea to put everything in one repository.

##CSE686-IP This contains all project that I have developed in CSE686 - Internet Programming course in Spring 2011.
The course using .net MVC in C# and WCF.
To know more information, please view the course home page from Jim Fawcett's class website.

##CSE687-OOD This contains most materials that I have got and developed in CSE687 - Object Oriented Design course in Spring 2011.
This course using C++ to demonstrate the principle of Object Oriented Design. I learned much more knowledge of OO than I learned from C#, as the C# has done too much for programmer. And I begin to love C++ after this class.
Under CSE687-OOD, there are three folders:

  • Examples

    The example demos that download from Professor Fawcett's Class.

  • Lectures

    Leature documents that distributed by Professor Fawcett

  • Programs

    Programs that I developed for the assignments from the course.
    Test folder contains programs used for testing part fuctinoality.
    Assignments folder contains four programs, in each foled, there is .doc file that descripts the requirement.

Folders in VisualSVN Server