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Welcome to IdleLands!

New Players

New Player Information
What is this crazy place called IdleLands? All the basics are covered here.

Getting Around

Controlling Movement
How to get around IdleLands... once you can drink (No, really).

How To Get A Pet (or all of them!)

Pet Information
Pets are super cool. They can help you get loot, win battles, and more. What do you have to do to get them?


Class Information
What classes are available? (change them by going to a class trainer). What stats are key for each class?
Spell Information
What spells are available for each class, and at what level? Which stats affect each spell.


Equipment Effects
When you're offered an item that has dance, crit, aegis etc, what does that mean?


IdleLands API
Extra for experts. If you want to connect to IdleLands via your own client.

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