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New Player Guide

Wondering what you can actually do in this idle game? Surprisingly, a lot!

Syncing Your Account

You can sync your account in the Settings area. This will let you back up your account with an email/password, facebook, google, or twitter account. You can only sync your account with one service, and it will let you log in with that information later.

This means you will not lose your account if something weird happens.

Please sync your account.

Your Class Ability

Every class has a unique ability, which you can use by accruing stamina (gained with IRL time). Each ability has a different cost, and is a different effect. You can use them to give yourself buffs, experience, or other effects! For more information about which ability belongs to which class, please read about classes.


Choices (Adventurer -> Choices tab) are the primary way you'll interact with IdleLands. You'll see a lot of different choice types, such as a merchant selling items, or a gambling bet. You'll want to check here often if you care about your characters gear, as this is the primary place all items come in from!


Personalities (Adventurer -> Personalities tab) are one of the ways you can influence your character more passively. These will allow you to help your character pick equipment automatically, determine how your character interacts with parties, and more. For more information read about personalities.


Rewards for accomplishments include stat boosts, genders, titles and personalities. Try to get them all! You can find all the achievements including their requirements in this folder in the source code.


Of course, a game like this is nothing without its community. Chat, introduce yourself, and enjoy the community!


There are many ways to find items in the game, and you want to equip the best ones to your character. Items have different quality levels, which you can see from the background color. Item tiers from worst to best: teal is newbie, grey is basic, purple is pro, green is idle, black is godly, white is goatly, red is omega and blue is guardian.


Guilds are very useful. Try to join a large active guild if you are interested in participating in raids. Raids are periodic guild battles and yield a lot of XP.

Divine Direction

On the Map screen, you can click anywhere to set a Divine Direction. This means your character will walk towards that location for 360 ticks (30 minutes). This will let you more easily get that class trainer, collectible, or navigate that dungeon. Check out this page for more details.


Every adventurer needs a good pet, and you are no exception. In this game, you can buy and upgrade a wide variety of pets, and in turn, those pets will give you a wide variety of bonuses! For more information read about pets.

Pet Adventures

To make the most of your collection of pets, you can send them on adventures. Send up to 3 per adventure - the more you send, the more rewards you get. For more information read about pet adventures.

Astral Gate

The Astral Gate (Premium -> Astral Gate tab) is one of the things you can do to gain pet enhancement items or more pets. You also get to roll for free daily, so check back often!


Quests are a great way to get extra experience, gold and items. To complete each quest you must fulfill requirements including collecting treasure, touching collectibles, salling/salvaging items, battling, spending stamina, gaining/spending gold and taking steps. If there is a requirement that you don't like, you can reroll it as long as you have more than 100k gold.

Global Quests

Are like regular quests, but you must work together with all other players to achieve them.