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yiiSEO v2.2


YiiSEO has been completely refactored. It is lot more flexible and now you can make almost any SEO changes without changing your code. Last updated 17.05.2012

Features :

  • single language and multi-language site support
  • can be used to add author meta, FB meta and many more
  • uses inverse hierarchy to find meta data

Requirments : update your URLManager in /protected/config/main.php this way



  1. Unpack 'yiiseo' folder to '/protected/modules/'
  2. Add folowing code to configuration files (protected/config/main.php)

        'password'=>'111', // your default password is 111
        'class' => 'application.modules.yiiseo.components.SeoExt',

3.Run following line of code that suits you into your main layouts head :

  • In case the site has one language: Yii::app()->seo->run();

  • In case when site is multilingual: Yii::app()->seo->run(Yii::app()->language);

4.Run module by typing in the link :


Idol-IT develop team :

Yii framework extension :

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