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Blenderbim 211022 (Stable Version)

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Q. 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7... Which version should I be using?

A. 0.4 is deprecated. For more information regarding the other versions, see


Q. How can I output geometry and spaces?

A. IfcConvert excludes spaces and opening elements by default. --include entities IfcSpace means "include only spaces". In order to get regular geometry + spaces, use --exclude entities IfcOpeningElement after specifying the input and output files.

Q. I'm trying to output SVG (2D floor plan), but the conversion fails

A. SVG output includes only spaces by default so your IFC file is probably missing them. Use e.g. --include --entities IfcWall to generate output with walls.

Q. Elements are missing from my SVG (2D floor plan) output

A. In addition to the answer above: for SVG output, products are sliced at a horizontal plane 1 meter above the bottom of their bounding box. Only the intersection with this plane is written to the file. If the geometry for a product is less then 1 meter tall no geometry is recorded for this product. Also see this explanation.

Q. I'm having problems with e.g. ./IfcConvert ./Duplex_A_20110907.ifc --include=arg GlobalId 2O2Fr$t4X7Zf8NOew3FNld

A. An IFC GUID can contain dollar sign ($) and underscore (_) which can be problematic depending on platform/system the executable is run on. E.g. in Powershell use backtick (`) to escape the dollar sign, 2O2Fr`$t4X7Zf8NOew3FNld, and on *nix backslash can be used, 2O2Fr\$t4X7Zf8NOew3FNld.