10. Contributing

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You are cordially invited to contribute to the NoiseCapture app. One way to help us is to translate the application.

Translate NoiseCapture

The translation of NoiseCapture is managed thanks to the Transifex platform, a free-to-use website enabling users to collaboratively translate open-source projects. To do so, you just have to create a free account. Then, you can access to the Transifex NoiseCapture project HERE.


A langage is manage by a team, which is composed of 3 rules:

  • coordinator: manage the team (add/remove members),
  • revisor: can translate and validate the result,
  • translator: can translate.

Remark: note that one user can have the 3 rules in the same time.

The application is already written in english, so no need to create an english team. Right now, 4 teams have been created (French, German, Italian and Spanish).

New users are invited to:

  • create a new team if their langage is not already present,
  • or to join an existing team.

Getting started (for translators)

Once you are team member, you should be allowed to translate the application. Here you are asked to translate words (also nammed keys) presents in a strings.xml file.

Most of the translation keys are single words or sentences. In this case, the translation process is self-explanatory.

However, you can discover some specific characters such as {} or &. In this case, please follow the instructions below.

Special characters

In some cases, you will notice special characters (such as %, &, $, # or {}). These strings refer to special parameters in the code and must be preserved.

Example with %, # and $:

- Calibration done, gain is set to %1$.1f dB
- Version %1$s %2$s r.%3$s
- Calibration is about to start…

becomes in French

- Calibration réalisée, le gain est fixé à %1$.1f dB
- Version %1$s %2$s r.%3$s
- La calibration est sur le point de commencer…

Example with Curly braces {}:

Cannot add a LayerCollection {0}.

becomes in French

Impossible d'ajouter la collection de couche {0}.
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