Demos of Chromium running on AGL for CES 2017
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Demos for CES 2017

This repository contains demos of Chromium running on AGL that are intended to be used at CES 2017. They have been tested on Renesas's R-Car M3. You need an agl-platform-demo image containing a pre-installed chromium browser, compiled using Igalia's meta-browser fork. You must also copy this ces-demos-2017/ folder on your AGL disk.

In a running AGL session, open a shell and execute to generate your $HOME/.config/weston.ini file. You can optionally specify a background image as follows:

./ /absolute/path/to/full/hd/wallpaper.png

After reboot, you will see some launcher icons in the top panel that you can use to start applications, to shutdown the computer etc If you have passed an image to the install script then it will be used as a wallpaper.