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GStreamer WPE Web Overlay Broadcast demo

This application allows the live video input (webcam) to be mixed with the contents of a web page and streamed to an RTMP end-point (Twitch, Youtube,...).



The application is packaged as a Flatpak app, currently hosted on Igalia's software server. To install it run this on your Linux desktop terminal:

$ flatpak install --user

The recommended way to run it is also from the terminal because sometimes the UI hangs up and needs a restart:

$ flatpak run --user com.igalia.GstWPEBroadcastDemo

Live stream setup

The first time you press the 'record' button the application will ask you to configure the RTMP URL. It can be done via the settings window, accessible from the Hamburger menu on top-right corner of the main window. You need to provide an URL, it differs depending on where you want to live-stream.


In your Twitch channel settings, retrieve the Primary Stream key and copy it in the pasteboard. In the demo settings, paste it with the following prefix in order to build a valid RTMP URL: rtmp://

Users can access the stream using


In your Live Dashboard scroll down to the encoder setup section, reveal the stream key and copy it in pasteboard. In the following URL, replace STREAM_KEY with your secret stream key to build a valid RTMP end-point URL: rtmp:// app=live2. The space before app is important, don't remove it.

For every new live stream a new Youtube video is created. This is not very convenient for us, you need to find the URL via the dashboard, on the video preview, right click and copy the video URL, then share it to the users (booth visitors).


In your dashboard, click on the stream setup link, then select "other software". The fastest end-point URL should appear on top of the list. Copy its url and the stream key to form a full URL, example: rtmp://

Users can access the stream using

Release procedure

  • Bump version in Cargo.toml and

  • Add release info in appstream file

  • Commit and tag new version:

      $ git ci -am "Bump to ..."
      $ git tag -s "version..."
  • Build tarball:

      $ mkdir -p _build
      $ cargo install cargo-vendor
      $ pip3 install --user -U meson
      $ meson _build
      $ ninja -C _build release
  • Publish version and tag:

      $ git push --tags
      $ git push
  • Upload tarball from _build/dist/ to Gitlab


The code is based on the GUADEC 2019 Rust/GTK/GStreamer workshop app. Many thanks to Sebastian Dröge and Guillaume Gomez!

The HTML/CSS template is based on the Pure CSS Horizontal Ticker codepen.

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