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Web Engines Hackfest 2016


Twitter: @webhackfest

Dates: 26-28 September 2016


Mon 26th Tue 27th Wed 28th
10:00 - 10:30 "Kick-off Presentation"
by Martin Robinson
"Ten Years of HarfBuzz"
by Behdad Esfahbod

"From 'WebKit for Wayland' to WPE"
by Žan Doberšek

10:30 - 13:30 Hacking Hacking Hacking
13:30 - 15:00 Lunch Buffet Lunch Buffet Lunch Buffet
15:00 - 15:30 "Servo: Today & Tomorrow"
by Jack Moffitt

"Fetching Bytes and Words on the Web"
by Youenn Fablet

"Cluttering WebKitGTK+"
by Gustavo Noronha

15:30 - 21:00 Hacking Hacking Hacking
21:00 - 22:30 Pizza Dinner Artabria
Fernando Macías, 28
20:30 Dinner Comer y Picar
Comandante Fontanes, 1
22:30 - ... Nightly hacking Nightly hacking Igalia 15th Anniversary Party
Mardi Gras
Travesía Torre, 8

Breakout sessions

WebKitGTK+ / Epiphany

  • Date: Monday, 11:30
  • People: khaled kov yoon


  • Date: Monday, 15:30
  • People: rego

WPE / WebKit for Wayland

  • Date: Monday, 16:30
  • People: yoon

Layout Models (Grid, Flexbox)

  • Date: Monday, 17:30
  • People: rego, jack, cbiesinger


  • Date: Monday, 18:30
  • People: philn, alexg

JavaScript Engines

  • Date: Tuesday, 11:30
  • People:


  • Date: Tuesday, 15:30
  • People: fred, khaled, rego, alexg, jack

Graphics in WebKit

  • Date: Tuesday, 16:30
  • People: yoon



Name Arrival Departure Date Dietary restrictions (Fish/Meat/Vegetarian/Vegan/etc.)
Alejandro G. Castro Vegan, no oil, whole grains
Andre Moreira Magalhaes Meat
Andrey Fedorov Meat
Anthony Ramine 09-25 3:30PM 09-29 12:15PM FISH 🐟🐠🎣🐡🍥
Antonio Gomes
Arnaud Bonatti
Behdad Esfahbod Meat
Caitlin Potter 9/25 15:30 10/04 13:00 Meat 🐄🐮🍴😊 (kosher)
Carlos A. López Pérez Fish
Carlos García Campos Meat
Claudio Saavedra Vegan
Christian Biesinger 09-26 12:50 09-29 06:45 MEAT
Danilo Cesar Lemes de Paula
Diane Hosfelt 9/24 2320 9/29 0820 gluten free, Meat
Emanuele Aina Sep 25 Sep 29 Unrestricted, as long as it's edible by some lax standard I'm fine: if you have to pick for me, I flipped a coin and I got "Meat"
Emilio Cobos Meat
Enrique Ocaña González 26th 10:00 2nd 18:30 Vegetarian, no mushrooms
Frédéric Wang 09/25 16:55 (IB524) 10/03 13:30 (IB513) Meat
Gustavo Noronha 25th 16:55 29th 21:00 Meat! Chicken and fish also great, no pork unfortunately. Possibly allergic to gluten, rice, onions, shrimp, pork
Gwang Yoon Hwang 25th 20:10 Meat
Henrique Ferreiro vegetarian/vegan
Jack Moffitt 24th 12:50PM 29th 6:00AM Meat
Javier Fernández Fish
Joanmarie Diggs Vegetarian, allergic to mushrooms
Josh Wolfe
Khaled Hosny 25th 20:20 (IB522) 30th 09:20 (IB519) Meat. Halal food (no pork mainly), or alternatively vegan food
Manish Goregaokar 25th 3:30PM 29th 12:15PM meat
Manuel Rego 26th 09:00 28th 21:00 Fish
Martin Robinson Lacto-ovo-vegetarian (perfectly happy to eat vegan food)
Michael Catanzaro 09/25 12:50 10/3 09:20 Vegetarian
Philippe Normand Vegetarian
Sergio Villar Senín
Simon Sapin 25th 14:35 29th 12:15 Meat
Shing Lyu 25th 16:55 29th 09:20 Fish
Tomas Popela 23rd 23:20 29th 06:45 Meat
Trevor Saunders 25th at 12:50 lcg 30th at 9:20 lcg meat
Xabier Rodríguez Calvar vegan
Youenn Fablet 25th 20:21 29th 09:20 Meat
Žan Dobersek 25th 20:20 Meat

IRC channel

#webengineshackfest on


Web Engines Hackfest 2016 Sponsors

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