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MathML Conference 2020

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The Web Engines Hackfest brings together people working on the different browsers and related standards. This year, the event will take place from May 18th to May 20th and be hosted in A Coruña, Spain. The first day will consist primarily of presentations and lightning talks while the rest of the event will have an unconference format.

Given the exciting progress happening within the MathML community (both development and standardization), Igalia wants to organize a MathML Conference in order to thank people for the work accomplished, review the progress, collaborate on current tasks and prepare future plans. This event will happen at the Web Engines Hackfest venue as a separate 2-days track (May 19 - May 20). People attending the MathML Conference are part of the Web Engines Hackfest event at large but will also have a dedicated room.

People interested

Please indicate your name if your are interested in this event:

  • Brenna Brown (Igalia)
  • Brian Kardell (Igalia)
  • Bruce Miller (NIST)
  • David Carlisle (NAG)
  • Emilio Cobos (Mozilla)
  • Frédéric Wang (Igalia)
  • Joanmarie Diggs (Igalia)
  • Murray Sargent (Microsoft)
  • Neil Soiffer (Talking Cat Software)
  • Rob Buis (Igalia)
  • Sam Dooley

In order to formally register, please fill out this form specifying "MathML" as a topic of interest. Note that venue capacity is limited.


Below are some ideas. Feel free to add more ideas so that we can organize the schedule.

Talks or lightning talks


  • Introduction speech by Brenna -- welcome, review of Igalia's activities and status of MathML fundraising.
  • MathML Community Group by Neil -- presentation of the achievements, current activities and future plans.
  • MathML and HTML by Brian -- review of web technologies and their relation with MathML.
  • ARIA WG?
  • Publishing Working Group?
  • ...


  • Chromium layout by Rob -- status of the new implementation in Chromium.
  • Accessibility by ??? -- status of accessibility support in browsers.
  • Gecko/WebKit layout by Emilio and Fred -- review of recent changes in Firefox and WebKit-based browsers.
  • Testing by Fred -- Conformance, robustness and manual browser testing.


  • Microsoft Office by Murray Sargent -- review of Rich Edit and UnicodeMath.
  • Mathoid and Wikipedia?
  • LaTeXML and ArXiv?
  • Mathup and ASCII input?
  • EPUB generator?
  • Screen reader?
  • Computer Algebra System?
  • Markup validator?
  • ...


  • MathML General F2F, open to other Web Engines Hackfest attendees and remote participants.
  • MathML Core F2F, open to other Web Engines Hackfest attendees and remote participants.
  • Math accessibility?
  • Chemistry?
  • ...


  • Charter for a WG
  • Polyfills and extensions for MathML (elementary math, removed features, etc)
  • WPTs for MathML Core - ideas
  • Browser development (Blink, WebKit, Gecko)
  • Browser testing with existing documents & tools etc
  • Statistics for MathML features
  • ...

Tentative schedule

May 19

  • Introduction speech by Brenna


May 20


Former events

June 28-30, 2002 (Illinois)

October 30, 2000 (Illinois)

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