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Basic OF Addon for Vivitek DU978-WT projectors to activate 3D using RS232 command control for LAN/RJ45 interface
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Basic interface for Vivitek and Optoma projectors to activate 3D, select 3D mode, activate 3D Synce Invert and close projector.

It uses RS232 command control for LAN/RJ45 interface.

There is a basic implementation for communication using the PJlink protocol (this part of the code uses the relevant code from )

#XML Tags

The root element

- Pick the type of connection RC232OverEthernet, PJLink, KramerSwitch

- Pick the brand Optoma and Vivitek at the moment

- Pick the default3DFormat for projector3DOn Parameters: 3D_OFF, DLP_LINK, IR, VESA

- Pick the default3DMode for projector3DOn Parameters: FRAME_SEQUENTIAL, TOP_BOTTOM, SIDE_BY_SIDE, FRAME_PACKING

- The communication port that will be used

- If authentication is needed for the PJLink is not working at the moment

- The password for PJLink authentication is not working at the moment

- The Projectors IPs


1.2.1 Add VESA to optoma 3d options

1.2 Removed Kramer control functionality

1.1.1 Change to test connections (and reconnect) on sending of messages to handle optoma projector dropping connection after a timeout

1.1 Added static function logEverywhere to print both in a log file and in the console. The lof file needs to be specified in the main app using ofLogToFile. Changed the and to use strings instead of integers as an input




ofxNetwork ofxXmlSettings

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