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Fork of miloshadzic's pasta.. Translated to english, ported from pygments hosted at appspot to native ultraviolet, and added a few more minor features.
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# Pasta - a silly pastebin-like sinatra application

This version is forked from miloshadzic's pastaa.

*  The usage of pygments@appspot has been replaced with native ultraviolet highlighting (purely for flexability reasons, mainly line numbers)
*  Added toggle-able line numbers
*  Added the ability to "View Raw" pastes
*  Added the ability to download pastes
*  Wrote a command line paste client in bash
*  Ripped out inconsolata font, just using monospace now.

This is literally my first time hacking on ruby code (as well as haml)...
My modifications are a hack, and there are probably quite a few things I've done wrong/conventions I've disobeyed.
Just thought I'd push it on the off-chance someone finds it useful.

Oh, and also.. should you chose to use the pastapaste client, make sure to edit $deployment to point to your pasta installation.
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