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Token Profile

The purpose of the repo is to make users know more about tokens details.

It will be revealed in imToken 2.0 by going through Wallet(tab) -> Token(for example, ETH) -> Token Profile Button(right-top corner).

Wallet Tab

Read this in other languages: English,简体中文.

How it works

  1. People make PR to the repo, so that we review and give feedback.
  2. When PR is merged, The Token Profile web pages will be built and published.

imToken runs a project named token-profile-node which is able to deliver the token profile website automatically and continually.

How to contribute

Attention: we only accept the PRs of ERC20 tokens for now

  1. Fork the repo to your account
  2. Clone the repo from your own account, rather than the origin one
git clone
  1. Create and switch to a new branch named by your token symbol
  2. Add a new json file to the erc20 directory, which named by the token contract address with checksum, for example:
  1. Fulfill the content by following the schema of $template.json
  2. Add the token logo to images directory, which named as same as the json file. For UI concern, we ask you to submit a qualified token logo. The standard is described as below
  3. Besides, if you find that your token has been added, you can modify the related file and logo as well
  4. Commit the changes
  5. Push to your own repo
  6. Make a pull request with detailed description
  7. We will review your PR as soon as possible, and then merge it into the master branch when everything is fine


The Effectiveness of Information

You're totally responsible for your commit, so please make sure that the information and logo are real and valid.

Logo design

  • Size: 120x120 pixels
  • Transparent background PNG
  • Brand identity



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