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Application that uses Ignite UI for Angular components along with Firebase data storage and a lot more ..
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Inspired by Ignite UI for Angular

Application demo

Application that uses Angular framework, Firebase Auth and Real time databse, and Ignite UI for Angular components.

Open to see the web app.

  • base href used for the web app - <base href="">

Mobile app available here, only for Android phones.

  • base href used for the mobile app - <base href="./" />. Use dist folder files in order to create the .apk file. Before zipping the folder, go to index.html file and change the base href. When the zip is ready, upload it to phonegap app builder and create the .apk.

This project is generated with Angular CLI.

Start using the app

  1. Generate CryptoCompare API key (Used by data services)
  2. Generate Firebase configuration (Used for firebase auth and data storing).
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run ng serve -o

Note: Once you generate CryptoCompare API key, put it in the data.service.ts as private apiKey: string = '<your-api-key>'. Firebase configuration should be added in the app.module.ts file:

export const firebaseConfig = {
   apiKey: '',
   authDomain: '',
   databaseURL: '',
   projectId: '',
   storageBucket: '',
   messagingSenderId: ''

Create a production bundle

  1. Run ng build --prod --aot
  2. Go to dist folder and host with IIS or any other provider (example lite-server)

Create web bundle

Use the command npm run build:web or:

  1. Run ng build
  2. Go to dist folder and copy paste the content in the docs folder. Change the base href url to be <base href="">

dist and docs folders

docs folder is used for the GitHub Pages site. Related to Publishing your GitHub Pages site from a /docs folder on your master branch Use ng build --prod --aot to build the project, copy -> paste into docs folder the generated content in dist folder, and replace the base href.

Development server

Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Mobile app

Use phonegap to build the mobile application, the aot build proccess will update the content of the dist folder. Use it to replace the content in mobile/www/...

Keep in mind that the base href for the mobile app should be <base href="./">

.zip the mobile folder and use phonegap builder to generate .apk file/


Loading spinners in the app - SpinKit

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