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@Lipata Lipata released this Sep 3, 2019 · 422 commits to master since this release

New theme

Ignite UI for angular now have a new theme that mimics Microsoft "Fluent" design system.
Depending on your use case you can use one of the following mixins:
igx-fluent-theme and igx-fluent-dark-theme

We also added two new pallets that go with the new theme, $fluent-word-palette and $fluent-excel-palette.

Next example shows how you can use the Fluent theme.

// Light version
.fluent-word-theme {
    @include igx-fluent-theme($fluent-word-palette);

// Dark version
.fluent-excel-dark-theme {
    @include igx-fluent-dark-theme($fluent-excel-palette);

For more information about the theming please read our documentation

New Features

  • IgxGrid, IgxTreeGrid, IgxHierarchicalGrid
    • uniqueColumnValuesStrategy input is added. This property provides a callback for loading unique column values on demand. If this property is provided, the unique values it generates will be used by the Excel Style Filtering (instead of using the unique values from the data that is bound to the grid).
    • igxExcelStyleLoading directive is added, which can be used to provide a custom loading template for the Excel Style Filtering. If this property is not provided, a default loading template will be used instead.
    • introduced new properties cellSelection and rowSelection which accept GridSelection mode enumeration. Grid selection mode could be none, single or multiple. Also hideRowSelectors property is added, which allows you to show and hide row selectors when row selection is enabled.
    • introduced functionality for templating row and header selectors - spec
    <igx-grid [data]="data", [rowSelection]="'multiple'" primaryKey="ID">
        <igx-column field="Name"></igx-column>
        <igx-column field="Age"></igx-column>
        <ng-template igxHeadSelector let-headSelector>
        <ng-template igxRowSelector let-rowContext>
            <igx-switch [checked]="rowContext.selected"></igx-switch>
  • IgxHierarchicalGrid
    • Row Islands now emit child grid events with an additional argument - owner, which holds reference to the related child grid component instance.
  • IgxDrag
    • Dragging without ghost. Now it is possible to drag the base element igxDrag is instanced on by setting the new input ghost to false.
    • Ghost template. A custom ghost template reference can be provided on the new ghostTemplate input.
    • Dragging using a single or multiple handles. New igxDragHandle directive is exposed to specify a handle by which an element can be interacted with instead of the whole element igxDrag is instanced on.
    • Linking of drag and drop elements. This can be achieved by using the new provided dragChannel input, specifying each element to which channel it corresponds.
    • Drag animation improvements. Three new methods have been exposed in place of the old animateToOrigin input in order to provide more flexibility when wanting to have transition animation to specific position when dropping. setLocation, transitionToOrigin and transitionTo are all methods that provide a various way to animate a transition to a specific location for the dragged element.
    • New getters - location and originLocation to aid in applying transition animations.
    • New outputs - dragMove, ghostCreate and ghostDestroy
  • IgxDrop
    • Linking of drag and drop elements. This can be achieved by using the new provided dropChannel input, specifying each drop area to which channel it corresponds.
    • Drop strategies. Three new drop strategies have been provided - Append, Prepend and Insert. Also an input dropStrategy to the igxDrop which specify which strategy should be used when dropping an element inside the drop area. Custom one can be specified as well.
  • IgxCheckbox
    • introduced a new readonly property that doesn't allow user interaction to change the state, but keeps the default active style. Intended for integration in complex controls that handle the interaction and control the checkbox instead through binding.
  • IgxOverlay
    • introduced a new ContainerPositionStrategy. The new strategy positions the element inside the containing outlet based on the directions passed in trough PositionSettings.


  • IgxGrid, IgxTreeGrid, IgxHierarchicalGrid

    • isCellSelected method has been deprecated. Now you can use selected property.
    • rowSelectable property has been deprecated. Now you can use rowSelection property to enable row selection and also you can show and hide the row selectors by setting hideRowSelectors property to true or false (which is the default value).
    • Removed deprecated event OnFocusChange
    • Breaking Change igxExcelStyleSortingTemplate directive is renamed to igxExcelStyleSorting.
    • Breaking Change igxExcelStyleMovingTemplate directive is renamed to igxExcelStyleMoving.
    • Breaking Change igxExcelStyleHidingTemplate directive is renamed to igxExcelStyleHiding.
    • Breaking Change onRowSelectionChange event arguments are changed. The row property has been removed and the properties added, removed and cancel are newly added.
    • Breaking Change igxExcelStylePinningTemplate directive is renamed to igxExcelStylePinning.
    • Breaking Change onRowDragEnd and onRowDragStart event arguments are changed - owner now holds reference to the grid component instance, while dragDirective hold reference to the drag directive.
  • IgxCombo

    • Combo selection is now consistent when valueKey is defined. When valueKey is specified, selection is based on the value keys of the items. For example:
    <igx-combo [data]="myCustomData" valueKey="id" displayKey="text"></igx-combo>
    export class MyCombo {
        public combo: IgxComboComponent;
        public myCustomData: { id: number, text: string } = [{ id: 0, name: "One" }, ...];
        ngOnInit() {
            // Selection is done only by valueKey property value
            this.combo.selectItems([0, 1]);
    • Breaking Change When using [valueKey], combo methods, events and outputs cannot be handled with data item references.
    • For more information, visit the component's readme
  • IgxDrag

    • Deprecated inputs - hideBaseOnDrag, animateOnRelease, visible.
    • Deprecated methods - dropFinished.
    • Breaking Change ghostImageClass input is renamed to ghostClass.
    • Breaking Change dragGhostHost input is renamed to ghostHost.
    • Breaking Change returnMoveEnd input is renamed to transitioned.
    • Breaking Change onDragStart output is renamed to dragStart.
    • Breaking Change onDragEnd output is renamed to dragEnd.
  • IgxDrop

    • Breaking Change Default drop strategy is now changed to not perform any actions.
    • Breaking Change onEnter output is renamed to enter.
    • Breaking Change onOver output is renamed to over.
    • Breaking Change onLeave output is renamed to leave.
    • Breaking Change onDrop output is renamed to dropped.
    • Breaking Change Interfaces IgxDropEnterEventArgs, IgxDropLeaveEventArgs are both now called IDropBaseEventArgs.
    • Breaking Change Interfaces IgxDropEventArgs is renamed to IDropDroppedEventArgs.
    • Breaking Change Outputs enter, over, leave(former onEnter, onOver, onLeave) now have arguments of type IDropBaseEventArgs
    • Breaking Change Output dropped (former onDrop) now have arguments of type IDropDroppedEventArgs
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