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How to log an Issue on Github

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Creating an issue

Issues are used to keep track of bugs, enhancements, or other requests.

Any GitHub user can create an issue in a public repository where issues have not been disabled. Please follow the following versioning methods:

You can open a new issue based on code from an existing pull request.

All Issue are assigned to the Master Backlog by the user. The PO is responsible to assigned the created Issues to a Sprint. When creating the Issue the user need to provide a detailed description, if possible with screenshots and attached examples, to the Issue. Tags are also to be assigned if the Issue is a bug then the Bug tag needs to be attached, if the issues is enchantment then the Enchantment Tag needs to be assigned.

When creating the ISSUE please make sure to be as detailed as possible in both the Title and the Description box.

When you are creating a PR you can assigned reviewers of the PR from the Reviewers button on the top right side of the screen.

In the Project Tab under Ignite UI repo you can find the current and past sprints as well the Master Backlog. The Master and Sprint Backlogs are maintained by the PO.

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