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1.0.6 2018-Mar-04:
Rename dlg canonicalize Copy Target/Link Target target when possible
[installer] fix mktemp template and error handling for busybox #629
[GTK2] fix black background dir load regression 888a7735 #578 #627
[GTK3.20] fix theme parse warnings re close btn css #636
[GTK2] iconview no longer responds to theme change #627
Fix compilation failure due to glibc include changes #678
update copyright, email in README, release, about-dlg.ui
[installer] use newer package names libx11-dev libudev1; failsafe
user manual minor updates #681
remove from ptk-clipboard.c: #include <stdlib.h> (was for realpath)
default Devices|Root|Check fsck command add -r for repair
File|Open URL add example mtp://
release script add msgfmt po check
add sftp to ssh protocol handler default whitelist (allows sftp://) #700
settings.c:1930: (style) Clarify expression with parentheses #659
fix segfault in ptk/ptk-dir-tree.c:430 #698
fix newly imported file handlers appear in Plugins menu #688
fix 1.0.2 708f0988 regression: Dbl-click to enter dir selects file #702
fix segfault when dragging folder or file on desktop #654 [Teklad]
[desktop] fix GTK3 icon movement, reliably get mouse state Teklad/spacefm#1
load icon using icon name in theme if removed suffix fails #647 [Teklad]
[desktop] Paint root window when there is no wallpaper #404 [Teklad]
fix source file permissions [Teklad]
fixed/added translations to pl.po [grimi via Teklad] Teklad/spacefm#5
[GTK3.22] fix segfault dragging files to dir tree #649 #670 [Teklad]
fix drag & drop segfaults #636 [BwackNinja]
fix segfault on drag to reorder bookmarks
fix davfs is not mounted #648
fix fuse default protocol handler not added due to false positive test
fix bookmark pane and toolbar two-finger right-click
fix file list new bookmark with topmost bookmark selected
fix mktemp in mtp handler not busybox compatible #624
1.0.5 2016-01-20:
recreate too small cached thumbnails #584
read $XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR via glib for user-dirs.dirs support #581
Devices|Settings|Auto-Mount|Mount Dirs accept XDG vars, mkdir #558
fix Paste in dir tree pastes to wrong dir #596
menu key in dir tree changes dir and acts on correct dir #596
[desktop] show video thumbnails on desktop
Prefs add 384x384 icon size option
obey StartupNotify when opening with desktop app set G_LOG_DOMAIN
fix main.c debug_gdk_threads_leave
change detection blacklist detect new files #478 #582
get mime type of only reg and link files, not char dev
fix segfault in ptk_bookmark_view_reload_list to vfs_load_icon
prevent filesystem find loop hang in new file/folder dialog #601
fix crash on GTK icon theme reload; fix liststore memory leaks #566
udevil iso unmount device handler new whitelist/blacklist #606
fix broken key shortcuts in Open|In Panel menu #610
add lxqt-sudo and lxsu to list of su frontends #617
add support for qterminal in list of terminals
make Paste As Target paste canonicalized final target when possible
1.0.4 2015-10-17:
new spacefm-installer replaces self-extrct and install #571
README rewritten and manual updated for new installer #571
ifdef malloc_trim for non GlibC libraries #574
fix HAL build #576; fix older GTK2 build
Menu and Shift+F10 show side pane menus #575
Design Menu shown with Menu key in addition to F2 #575
dir tree allow keyboard navigation, keep focus #541 #575
dir tree double-click expands/collapses row #542 #575
dir tree context menu|New|Tab Here opens selected dir
correct location for import GTK3 bookmarks; use basename #573
dont continuously refresh copying video thumbnails #508
new in /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf: terminal_su and graphical_su #516
build system now installs /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf
new configure option --sysconfdir=/etc to set location of /etc
add new event for tab change dir evt_tab_chdir; update manual
replace show-menu socket method with activate for all item types
[Dialog] add non-visible element --click to run cmd on click #572
[Dialog] fix some internal var names always set to %v #572
increase max icon/thumbnail size from 256x256 to 512x512
[Debian] control libffmpegthumbnailer4 | libffmpegthumbnailer4v5 #583
[GTK3] fix wrong colors with dark variant of GTK themes #578
1.0.3 2015-08-26:
add Devices|Settings|Auto-Mount|Mount Dirs option #548
proto hand keep %a for lxterminal urxvtc konsole gnome-terminal #552
convert non-latin keycodes to latin #57
lang add ltg; update it lt pt_BR define G_DISABLE_ASSERT to disable g_assert
rename gphoto handler as ptp; whitelist ptp #555
[GTK3] add icon chooser dialog #532
Double-click in icon chooser clicks OK
[GTK 3.14] Prevent empty rubberband selection GTK3.14 bug avoid #485
Provide export and import of handler plugin files; update manual #484
create %O archive in user-selected destination #562
fix LilyTerm not working correctly eg unzipping file #567
update spacefm.desktop for protocol handling
1.0.2 2015-06-02:
toolbar redesign with design mode right-click ability
add built-in toolbar items: Show Hidden, Show Thumbnails, Large Icons
fix Compact view sometimes fails to scroll to selected file #502
malloc_trim calls to flush out the free heap back to the OS when needed
fix forgets compress handler after extract to #517
no re-import bookmarks when up-down-upgrade from < 1.0.1
Missing pixbuf unref in main_task_view_update_task
Add keyboard shortcut for handler list in handler dialogs
fix ftp handler ignores custom port in URL #523
add Run As Task option to file handlers
allow escape of underscore in item names #522
fix Item Prop context opposite of Disable is Show instead of Enable
get mime type icon from .local XML file before guess
fix right-click on Bookmarks activates bookmark after menu #521
fix right-click detailed view clears multiple-file selection #353
add icon chooser [GTK2 only, GTK3 pending]
add panel View context menu to main View menu
add View|Style|Thumbnails (global)
add show_thumbnails socket property
fix missing paths on command line hangs introduced in f167b283 #468
fix hang on access error on startup #539 introduced in f167b28
fix icon/compact view left-click doesn't unselect other files
write/read new mimeapps.list Default Applications #450
archive handlers take precedence over file handlers
scale menu item icons loaded from file
force rebuild of folder_view for font change in exo_icon_view
always reap async child with or without exec_keep_tmp #533
default scroll desktop fix openbox #524
always update status bar Reading msg
item prop dlg text view scroll add shadow #532
[desktop] fix linefeeds in desktop item names #543
1.0.1 2015-05-04:
extended bookmarks system
added users manual Bookmarks section
fix --enable-hal build errors #496
fix segfault in vfs_thumbnail_loader_free on abort thumbnail loading
_vfs_thumbnail_load unref after gdk_pixbuf_apply_embedded_orientation
MIME Menu prompt before creating files
Open menu archive functions move to top if default
rewrite ptk_file_browser_refresh; reselect cursor after refresh
status bar shows Reading msg while dir loading #459
new protocol handler http/webdav to top of list
Bookmarks|New Bookmark default key shortcut Ctrl+D
1.0.0 2015-04-13:
revert desktop dialogs pop to top #424 bba93a50 dlgs on wrong desktop
update translations cs de ja pl pt_BR ru sv tr
add transparent background option [BwackNinja]
fix Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked startup error #468
fixed 'Invalid cross-device link' when renaming aufs dirs
configure option --disable-desktop-integration hides Prefs|Desktop tab #448
fixed problem in command-line option --show-pref=N not showing Advanced tab
add configure option --with-bash-path #452
new transifex slug
add Device Protocol File Archive handlers
add default handlers: ftp ssh mtp gphoto/ptp ifuse fusesmb
add video thumbnails via ffmpegthumbnailer
add configure option --disable-video-thumbnails
add change detection blacklist
add mount and unmount run-task socket commands
new maximum Small and Large icon sizes to 256x256
new View|Style|Large Icons options for Detailed/Compact #478 #480
Show|Display Name %n devnum
open block device on command line eg spacefm /dev/sdd1
allow bookmark block devices
removed File|Save Session
[GTK2] select next file after delete/rename current #411
detect subdir mount
fix evt_device not executed if Devices pane unshown
fix GLib-CRITICAL source ID not found warning on file prop close
improve output dlg scroll on error
design menu fix show edit commands for submenus
fix design menu confirm remove submenu ignores no
fix Source ID not found warning in vfs_thumbnail_loader_free
0.9.4 2014-03-30:
improve inotify error messages default make options; fix -Wformat-security warning #416
adjust new window maximized panel sizes #420
fix toolbar checkbox item properties icon insensitive #418
fix panel_sliders-key used as task height 0.9.2-0.9.3 #419
reset Use-as-opener on import/install plugin; update man
task error continue no present open task dialog
gnome-terminal 3.10 no longer accepts --disable-factory #428
desktop dialogs pop to top #424
[GTK2] Preferences|Desktop table row collision #427
[desktop] preserve location of renamed file(s)
[dialog] remove blank lines reading file into drop, combo, m/list
[dialog] remove linefeeds inserting value into input/-large
[dialog] @FILE values not saved on cancel #321
update translations de ru
Preferences|Desktop|Font dlg honor cancel
fix new config devices shown not saved
path bar middle-click replace contents and activate
open .desktop treat %u/%U as %f/%F per freedesktop spec
single-click method no hover selection option #154
update translations de ru sv
0.9.3 2014-01-17:
fix memory leak on draw selection rectangle on desktop #397
[Dialog] fix returned windowsize=1x1 [GTK 3.8+]
fix maximized panel sliders not restored #402
README, man: update kernel polling instructions #403
look in applications subdirs for .desktop file; debug info #405
clear g_ascii_strcasecmp warning on owner sort
case insensitive app sort, tooltips, uniq in app chooser dialog #405
startup test for /bin/bash installed #413
task columns default expansion to avoid flicker #235
0.9.2 2013-12-06:
README correct packages link
manual note full/max col widths not saved #382
adjust maximized and fullscreen behavior #382
add su-to-root support
detect rename of current folder and close tab #243
fix list view auto drag action on drop to last row #387
add design menu Edit Script; F4 opens script in editor
task manager absolute height #380
fix icon/compact dbl-click selects file in selected dir #218 #389
fix open foldername.iso as automount iso
allow ~/ prefix in bookmarks and hacked session files
fix task auto scroll first show
add design menu Edit Command
update changed translations
0.9.1 2013-11-06:
[gtk 3.8] fix run dialog reverts to minimum size
fix icon change not saved (bookmark, tab, devices, etc) #367
sakura terminal use -x with single argument
fix crash in save_settings #369
new panel config memory #372
fix build problem on gtk < 2.24 #368
new root window use HOME=/root incase no env reset
fix Export from desktop menu
man panel memory
task man change default cols to current speed and remain
fix identification of empty optical drive
change default device icons
add lilyterm to emulators list
remove erroneous files from pkg branch
README added wiki link Guidelines For Distributing Modifications
limit evt_win_move events to 5 per second #380
0.9.0 2013-10-22:
add browse-for options in Rename/New dialog Browse dialog
run fm Devices menu functions in task man
let vfs task show run-task missing file errors
desktop prefs - insensitive wallpaper options if unchecked
file props dlg - show target type of relative link
Devices menu activate Open on left-click
Devices menu activate Remove / Eject on middle-click
Devices menu add Mount and Unmount
device remove via desktop shows progress dialog
fm Devices menu show and obey option Settings|New Tab
allow HAL eject unmounted
add HAL unmount optical in addition to eject
fix HAL duplicate devices listed
Devices list and menu Mount and Unmount sensitivity
added desktop option Arrange Icons|Custom
single-click or right-click on desktop or unselected unselects
automatic desktop drag action
Desktop prefs added margins, desktop single click
add Open|Desktop Folder
desktop name sort natural icase
fix desktop center wallpaper larger than screen #296
new default desktop background colors
fix desktop shifted with panel #248
revert mouse buttons 6 7 as back/forward (for horz scrolling) #294
move packages to pkg branch
add desktop prefs option Open folders with MIME app
Open|Default on dir now uses MIME app
obey desktop file keys Path and Terminal (+full bash Exec) #232
execute separate commands on no desktop file Exec field code
fix crash on special escape chars on command line #302
add desktop pref font button
allow set default/assoc apps for application/octet-stream (unknown)
popup task compliance
new design menu; Menu Item Properties dialog
update manual/homepage locations (
session dont save default menu labels and icons
add item prop Context Use as opener for option
add Context verb pattern matches for wildcards #214
default Root|U/Mount commands use udevil
remove translatable strings in exo view code
clear hal build warnings for debian build issue #363
x-terminal-emulator link resolved, added to terminals list #358
drag to same dir sets auto drag action copy #304 #336
Dialog fix segfault with --chooser filespec #320
Translation strings adjusted #322 #318 #325 #326
save session delayed on tab change if save tabs
path bar steal enter key
improved overwrite dir #330 #312
support mips and other architectures - change to sys/inotify.h #311
manual Rename and New File dialogs; adjust Options menu keys #268
rename/new dlgs always focus first entry
0.8.7 2013-03-17:
added translation files to [Delix]
Delix and Aqualung71 contributed to German translation
Josué Hernández & CommanderC completed Spanish translation
Teodoro Santoni contributed to Italian translation
revert breadcrumbs to Ctrl+Click #266 and no auto seek on activate path
fix broken key shortcut New|Link
new desktop menu; new Devices menu
fix open folder on desktop reuses browser on wrong desktop
use menu key on desktop
handle hyphened desktop references #118
add link indicator to desktop icons
file props show link target - closes #192
file props allow change file dates
Jui contributed to Czech translation
fix spacefm -p 1 nospec opens wrong panel
always present window on create
dir change monitor truly canonicalize paths
stabilize on fam/gamin server exited
added socket properties: tab_count new_tab sort_... #225 #272
fix File Search|Content|Case Sensitive checkbox function inverted #276
added and documented socket method run-task #224
run_in_terminal and edit_file deprecated yet left-in
list double-click activates in app chooser
mount webdav shares in terminal for password entry - udevil issue 21
use mouse buttons 6,7 as back,forward in addition to 4,5 8,9 #279
0.8.6 2013-02-13:
fix cannot create directory or file on CentOS #253
update russian translation
case insensitive sort on Type, Owner columns
move debian/ to distros/debian/ and update README
Enter clicks Set, Esc twice clicks Unset in Set Key dialog
added manual GUI|Find-As-You-Type Search
New File/Folder/Link enabled if no write access for As Root
fix cannot unset plugin key combo assignment
added configure option --with-gtk2 to force gtk2 only build
mount curlftpfs in terminal for password entry #251
update custom protocol handler script in manual to use run_in_terminal
mouse back/fwd buttons work anywhere in window
don't show empty (all items context hidden) custom submenus #215
path bar tab completion reworked, sorted
added path bar option Auto Seek
path bar unquote quoted paths
path bar cmd history in completion popup
path bar instance-wide cmd history
path bar breadcrumbs on click no ctrl
path bar limit/extend keys eaten
un/select bookmarks and devices on change dir #259
Russian translation updated
status bar show selected/visible
debian build-from-source packages optimize CFLAGS=-O2
new link use target of current selected file #112
context dialog value combo popup width #43
0.8.5 2013-01-14:
fix left-click ignored in Open context submenu #31 #228
Dialog fix progress bar; add auto-pulse
[gtk3] task progress pulse don't show percent
debian package add XXXXXXXX to mktemp template [dist]
add key shortcut labels to Prefs default drag action
left-click in toolbar config menu shows design menu
fix Open|Default with multiple dirs selected
gtk3 leaving beta; gtk3 debian package; ppa add spacefm-gtk3
navigation/activation keys on desktop #247
added Popups|Above Others and All Workspaces #226
desktop dialogs on current workspace #246
desktop Create New uses new creation dialog
fix View|Events dialog formatting
0.8.4 2012-12-21:
fix detail dbl click selects next #218
fix dlg command pipe fast
added task property popup_handler; man update
added task list Show Output
internal socket cmds show and focus NAME optional to present dlg
Dialog add [SAVEFILE] argument to --viewer
fix text wrapping corner case #206 [BwackNinja]
Added context for several strings #220
fix left-click ignored in context menu #31 #228
[gtk3] add expand property to app chooser dlg for gtk3 #223
Dialog --chooser --save DIR opens in DIR
[gtk3] Dialog label wrap min width closes BwackNinja issue #25
Dialog send stdout of external commands to /dev/null
socket add props edit_file and run_in_terminal
[gtk3] create archive dlg expand options entry
dbus and libdbus dependency changed to optional
main-window.c include wait.h #239
0.8.3 2012-11-24:
added --socket-cmd #142
added View|Events menu
stop elapsed timer during overwrite query
vfs no report access errors during total size
configure --disable-pixmaps is now the default
added beta test --with-gtk3 build option (merge gtk3 branch)
updated README with BUILD GTK3 BETA instructions
allow ctrl-rubberband add to selection #46 [BWackNinja]
reduce spacing of icon and compact modes #188 [BWackNinja]
automatic orient thumbnails #183 [BWackNinja]
add wallpaper Zoom mode #4 [BWackNinja]
fix icon label centering #51 [BWackNinja]
fix icon/compact cannot drag multiple #194
restore Prefs SI File Sizes #117
move Prefs Rubberband Select to context View|Style as detailed only
add secondary sort by name to desktop-window #196
updated russian translation
hide unmounted /dev/ramN closes #202
fix make fail gtk2.18 replace gtk_dialog_get_widget_for_response
dialog allow arbitrary text in progress bar
dialog %(command) accepts bash command line
document Unmount On Exit ignored on X logout kill #204
address debian packaging warnings #209
fix segfault on middle-click bookmarks empty #208
Dialog label --wrap|--nowrap, all --compact --expand
command line add --version option
add fm_edit function
Dialog add --window-close; add [REVERSE] to close
fix status bar text color not set on new tab
0.8.2 2012-10-25:
fix --enable-hal build issues (affected 0.7.6 thru 0.8.1)
overwrite dialog replace text view with labels
add From: to task popup
fix destination contained in source error
fix cut paste directory replace error #174
task popup From/To adjustments
0.8.1 2012-10-21:
added task manager queue/pause #147
disable task manager find
set minimum dialog and task pane sizes #56
added Tasks user manual section
fix clang compile error #162
fix hang on dir tree sel access error #164
fix file search find within symlink dir #122
add double-click opens file search result #109
fix vfs move dest symlink device determination
abort copy/move remove incomplete file
move Sort submenu from Style to View submenu
gtk 2.18 compatibility #146
remove explicit libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 dependency #146
added precision timer for more accurate/smooth copy speeds
btrfs moint point detection workaround #165
fix segfault on blank Preferences Terminal setting #166
add rxvt to terminal programs list #166
desktop drop onto folder #45
fix new tab path merged if the last dir spec is / #167
libstartup-notification-0.9 or -1.0 optional #19 #146
adjustment for build on debian squeeze (gtk 2.20 glib 2.24)
ctrl-Q as default Exit key
allow stop of exited task #168
auto stop on bad exit status #168
updated Russian translation
added partial Dutch translation by tct1501
remove vert scrollbar compact mode
per task error and overwrite options; auto rename
added View|Tasks|Queue|Pause On Error
click in icon/compact unselects others
rewrite vfs abort handling
emit created on netfs rename
rework overwrite dialog
allow overwrite file with link
icon view mode automatic vertical scrollbar
rewrite get_name_extension
rework stop if error first
focus file list on task man hide
exit status zero on dialog help
popups|stay on top no longer default
0.8.0 2012-09-14:
fix horiz scroll on single-click mode auto-select #137
deprecated keys in spacefm desktop files #136
fix path bar font not set on new browser
default keys for Go|Tab|Tab N = Alt+1 thru Alt+0
license bumped to GPL3+
added SpaceFM Dialog
Task Show Output raises only once
custom default command script
fix crash on no src paths #143
fix readlink buffer size
0.7.11 2012-08-15:
added --no-saved-tabs, -n command line option to not load saved tabs #110
--reuse-tab can be used in conjunction with other options
File|Root Window opens current folder #116
specifying --panel=N without a dir shows and focuses panel N
handle network URLs on command line
user manual Invocation updated
added dependency libgtk2.0-bin [spacefm 0.7.10 with --disable-pixmaps]
find-as-you-type search options #85
rename dialog name selection UTF-8 compliant #127
replace G_VALUE_INIT macro #126
added file list Edit|Select By Pattern
adjust parse url
Show Output option should open on additional output after closure
Remove Text Type Association popup note
display file sizes and times in overwrite query
file change detection blacklist non-block nfs fuse cifs smbfs ftpfs #129
percent in path bar select by pattern
fix hang on click on 5000+ selected files in list view
clean udevil mount points on device removal, exit
fix auto umount on eject
fix icon view drag target #132
added custom Protocol Handler setting to Path Bar context menu
status bar show canonicalized current dir
added Go|Real Path
added user manual GUI|Path Bar
0.7.10 2012-07-25:
added sort options #87 #37 #23
completed russian translation ru.po
smart size display for free space and tasks closes #115
case insensitive sort detect all created files #119
fix Skip All in overwrite query
added configure option --disable-pixmaps to install icons to share/icons
new icons for faenza theme by Goran Simovic
G_VALUE_INIT undefined #126
allow file change detection on aufs and devtmpfs
0.7.9 2012-07-13:
new threading for tasks
network filesystem lag issues improved
no file change detection on non-block filesystems
timeout size calc after 5 sec
don't calc total size of files to delete for speed improvement
close copy read file on error
handle progress gt 100%
remove deadlock on quick dir change
tforsman new swedish translation partially completed (40%)
jpfleury updated french translation
task manager Path column renamed Folder
ellipsize Folder, Item, To task manager columns
always enable Root submenu in devices
set font new/rename file dialogs Target Template entries
give errors accessing directories
verbose tar extract/create
fix for urxvtc #106
check non-zero size before thumbnail scale (pixbuf in #107)
run update-desktop-database; mime docs
0.7.8 2012-06-16:
use/update mimeapps.list over defaults.list closes #71
added design mode on mime apps opens MIME menu
deprecated MimeType x-directory removed from spacefm desktop files
new archive save dialog uses literal filename and extension fixes #82
accept options in terminal program setting
added user manual MIME Menu section
accept network urls
mount iso files from Open context menu; auto-mount iso
added Root|Edit udevil.conf to devices menu
allow edit bookmark to network URL
corrected Click runs executables pref not saved fixes #84
auto-unmount removed media and devices
support xfce terminal
improve new file/folder/link dialog
change deprecated gdk_pixbuf_ref to g_object_ref
don't remove .gz file when extracting closes #90
CLI added -r, --reuse-tab Open folder in current tab of last used window
corrected non-translatable strings pulls #100 fixes #88
new french translation complete
no cancel sel on desktop right-click in single-click mode fixes #76
dont open pipes for mime type even if size > 0 closes #80
mouse buttons 8 and 9 on file list go back and forward (like 4 and 5)
fixes extract multiple zip,7z,rar files
changed File Name Contains: to Filename: in File Search fixes #86
corrected duplicated menu key shortcuts fixes #92
error on missing edit udevil.conf fixes #98
sync new file open; select new closes #35
added Design Mode Style|Confirmation (dialog) #52
0.7.7 2012-05-27:
escape mount point in dev props scripts fixes #70
fixed File|File Search keybinding
extract zip, rar, 7z in terminal for output & password prompt fixes #72
if no 7za, use 7zr for 7zip extraction and creation closes #62
added rar creation closes #36 ; rar zip & 7z creation runs in terminal
fixed hang on new tab added after mount
fixed make errors with --disable-desktop-integration fixes #78
udevil discovery; pmount ahead of udisks
0.7.6 2012-04-19:
unmount on exit no longer default (affects new installs)
documented deb packages require $TMPDIR not be noexec closes #64
relax has media criteria fixes #68
hack for icon theme missing application-x-xz-compressed-tar fixes #55
added kernel polling recommendation to docs closes #66
desktop new tab present window fixes #16
file permissions show SUID and SGID bits
file permissions show char device, block device, pipe, socket
panel show inhibit tab creation on spec
0.7.5 2012-04-14:
replaced udisks with libudev kernel support for device detection and info
udisks v1 & v2 now supported for mount/unmount as normal user
added device Settings|Un/Mount Command options to customize mount program
corrected race condition create tmp dir
status bar update fixes
side box fixed size fixes #6
scroll setting retained between sessions fixes #13
fixed file info update on existing fixes #14 fixes #15
reuse window on open folder on desktop fixes #16
built-in archive functions on desktop closes #18
shift-click selects range on desktop closes #47
code review
consistent 64bit file size support fixes #60
added Foresight Linux to README and manual closes #59
added automatic use of pmount if udisks not installed
copy user config skeleton from /etc/xdg/spacefm
default drag action option; repair automatic drag context
file search size limit toggles sensitivity
added translation instructions to the README
support for kdesudo and $(kde4-config --path libexec)/kdesu
0.7.4 2012-04-01:
added git build instructions to README
better standards compliance for data doc dirs fixes #8
no del on move error independent of error control fixes #9
0.7.3 2012-03-29:
new icons and logo by Goran Simovic plus alternates
added context sensitive help on design menu
changed/added design mode key and mouse shortcuts
renamed Smartbar to Path Bar
renamed View|Toolbox to View|Toolbar
when copy context, copy plugin skin context
equate display :0.0 & :0 fixes #5
changed debug info for sf ticket 88000
fixed panel bar always shown on cancel fullscreen
no folder size display; right-align size column
moved refresh to after home/default on left toolbar
fixed issues affecting opensuse build
added support for xdg-su and gnomesu
corrected problem copying plugins
fixed segfault on toolbar config menu?
changed default drag action to copy (hold shift or ctrl+shift to override)
0.7.2 2012-03-05:
exec function redesign (single script, noexec /tmp ok, ktsuss2 support,
added /usr/bin/spacefm-auth)
submitted ktsuss2 bug reports
additional and updated language strings including shell prompts
copy menu item now copies context
can now create MBR and FSArchiver backups of mounted volumes
changed 20x20 icon sizes to 22x22 to prevent blur from scaling
apply prefs small icon size to devices, bookmarks, dirtree icons
tab icons default to 16x16 if available in gtk icon theme
fixed segfault on open multiple files in File Search window results
completed open selected dir in File Search window results
corrected folder selection history skipping empty selection
user's manual updated to reflect changes, minor corrections
0.7.1 2012-02-21:
changed temp file usage for better multiple instance separation
removed sync/flush as default mount options
auto run|on unmount no longer depends on auto-mount qualification
auto run|on remove no longer depends on auto-mount qualification
added auto run sensitivity
corrected click on desktop icon obeys 'Click runs executables'
corrected paste replace with linefeeds into multi-input
corrected reversed order of files copied onto clipboard
default plugin name converts spaces to hyphens
corrected icon view change show hidden doesn't update status bar
fixed segfault on open multiple files in File Search window results
fixed File Search results right-click on unselected selects
submitted gdk-pixbuf bug 670476 on segfault when loading drives.svg 3.2.0
allow rename of desktop items (desktop file Name[locale] value)
fixed rename desktop file, extension != desktop
fixed segfaults on desktop rename / delete / paste
0.7.0 2012-02-14:
changed custom command/plugin dir structure
added design menu Command|Browse
corrected unrealized event on main window focus (directly to menu bar)
fixed xfce4-terminal, gnome-terminal, lxterminal, konsole, terminator
renamed eterm Eterm
fixed 'please set your terminal' error does not close
added user manual: design mode, plugins
disallow spaces etc in tmp_dir and --config-dir
pulse progress bar to 0% on error/about or 100% on finish
added debug info for toolbar config button
fixed invalid ->next->prev on custom separators - auto repair session
configure and debian files updated to require libgtk >= 2.24
0.6.3 2012-02-08:
updated and translatable strings - ready for translations
corrected makefile problems adding translations to desktop files
added devices Settings|Show|Empty Drives option
added unique separators
click runs executables default to false
removed pref Show SI deciaml file sizes
added pref Right-click opens design menu
click on blank area of devices and bookmarks unselects
added View|Panel Bar option
updated distributed licenses, Help|About|License
corrected click on toolbar config menu icon clears smartbar
--desktop mode now works with instance already running
fixed item value memory for check/input style plugins
fixed key assignments on plugins
fixed paste custom command into toolbar (no Show option in design menu)
completed custom toolbar command activation
0.6.2 2012-02-05:
corrected multiple tasks listed for single function
changed default name of context|Move to Rename
removed color dialog and task list debug info
0.6.1 2012-02-01:
dir monitor create/delete cache rewrite
segfault on Highlight Bar/Text color dialog corrected? added debug info
corrected segfault on Properties|Info keypress with no selected files
Properties|Info/Permissions now shown with no selected files (cwd)
disabled smartbar breadcrumb on middle-click (now ctrl-leftclick only)
corrections to archive extractions
Copy Name/Parent/Path now also copies to primary (middle-click) clipboard
disabled default highlight of selected status bar due to theme issue
removed single quotes from device volume label display
corrected devices horiz scrollbar not disappearing when unneeded
added sdebug info for task list issue
0.6.0 2012-01-31:
added design menu > Style > Context
added panel bar
added status bar panel icons
added status bar highlight colors
added status bar mouse responses
added ctrl-click breadcrumbs to smartbar (ctrl-click on part of path)
disabled double-click on blank area of file list goes up due to complaints
corrected new second tab if not always show tab bar causes horiz scrollbar
added Open > Default to open all files with default apps / pre-context
added Properties > Quick > rwxrwxrwt and Root > rwxrwxrwt
added View > Fullscreen
fixed File Search add All Local Disk Partitions (and rename Local Volumes)
numerous minor UI adjustments
0.5.5 2012-01-22:
added 100ms cache for inotify create/delete events
corrected keys not responding: Open|Choose, Open|In Panel|Next/Prev
corrected column size changing on new tab/panel
corrected column width save
if no folder spec on cmdline, open new window of same instance
removed gnome-icon-theme as recommended dep
reverted to single-click opens multiple files to fix drag/band breakage
mouse buttons 4 and 5 on file list go back and forward
mouse alt+left/right goes back/forward
fixed New|File/Folder not grayed when no write access
corrected broken close icon on tabs when gtk theme not set
don't install mount.rules if not hal build (data/
corrected thumbnails for compact view not displayed
pref dlg removed "(applies to icon view only)" from Show Thumbnails
corrected refresh undisplays thumbnails
optional /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf to set tmp_dir (default /tmp)
added additional default key shortcuts
added item count to confirm delete dlg
0.5.4 2012-01-19:
added CFLAGS+="-g" and !strip to Arch Linux PKGBUILD
default icons now use only gtk icons
removed startup warning for no gtk theme available
fixed repeated pref dialog save root settings prompt
added sensitivity to toolbar nav buttons and Go menu items
corrected Go|Panel focus of previously hidden panel
corrected change device Display Name triggers automount of unmounted
added bookmarks Settings|Single Click option
added shared_keys for toolbar items
0.5.3 2012-01-18:
corrected segfault on File|Root Window (main-window.c - note to self:
don't free memory immediately after allocation)
remove udisks not installed sh error on startup (vfs-volume-nohal.c)
corrected segfault on click device Properties? (ptk-location-view.c)
changed device Open to always open in current tab, show error
inhibit auto-open tab and exec-on if user manually mounts/remounts
inhibit auto-open tab and exec-on during startup automounting
show app icons of .desktop files in detailed file list
.desktop files obey 'Click runs executables'
corrected Open|Execute ignored
fixed middle-click on bookmark pane opens in tab
moved bookmark 'opens in new tab' setting to context menu
added toolbar icon size option in preferences
renamed Left/Right/Side toolbar config menus
added device Settings|Display Name (custom device name format)
added View|Window Title for custom title (new default: full path)
added toolbar config menu help item
removed "Detailed style only" qualifier from Rubberband Select in prefs
changed single-click mode left click on multiple files now opens only one
0.5.2 2012-01-16:
corrected segfault in devices list when changing settings with no devices
shown (ptk-location-view.c)
corrected gentoo make error? (ptk-file-task.h:17:29: error: redefinition
of typedef PtkFileTask)
corrected ./configure --help output not up to date
removed 'udisks not installed' warning on startup
0.5.1 2012-01-14:
corrected syntax error in Arch Linux PKGBUILD creation
corrected problem in settings.c which caused reported make error on
unidentified distro
corrected deb pkg conflict with pcmanfm-mod - rename file libmimetype.xml
0.5.0 2012-01-13:
initial test release