Enhancement Request: Make components of the path clickable in the Path Bar #285

stroobandt opened this Issue Mar 9, 2013 · 5 comments


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Make components of the path clickable in the Path Bar.

For example, I am in the folder: /home/candy/bar
Clicking on candy puts me in the folder: /home/candy

To see such a thing in action, try out: http://doublecmd.sourceforge.net/
It is a truly addictive feature. Every so often, I catch myself trying to do the same in SpaceFM ;-)


Actually this behavior was introduced in 0.8.6, but has been reverted for 0.8.7 because it limits the editing abilities in the path bar under some circumstances. However, you can use Ctrl+Click in any version of spacefm for breadcrumbs.

The only thing I would consider here would be an option to make breadcrumbs also active with an unmodified click.


See issue #266


Oops, I overlooked that in the manual.
Great to have the Ctrl+Click feature.
I don't know if a pop-up hint would be helpful in making this feature auto-discoverable (if you know what I mean).

funivan commented May 30, 2013

Ctrl+Click is awesome feature =) +1

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