Guidelines For Distributing Modifications

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Using the SpaceFM name, icons etc is fine - however if you do distribute a significant amount of or the full SpaceFM source and/or a binary etc (one or a few patches aren't a significant amount so dont require this), then before releasing your modifications please add the following on the About dialog underneath the 'by IgnorantGuru' line:

Modified by <your nick/handle/name> <email address>

For example:

Modified by OmegaPhil <>

and in the '--version' string reported (e.g.):

spacefm 0.9.0+
Modified by OmegaPhil <>

Obviously this doesn't scale, but it ensures that users know your work isn't pure SpaceFM, and we know in case odd support requests come in.

If you do distribute and then your work becomes popular in its own right, please chose and use a different name for the program/your work.

As a user and programmer you have every right to do what you want with the code under GPLv3+, but this is more of a courtesy thing to clearly differentiate code for the future, in case multiple separate codebases become a problem.