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This repo contain example software for Pixracer
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Pixracer examples is repo with examples for Pixracer hardware based on libopencm3. This project is not connected to the PX4 project but it will help you to understand the basics of PX4 hardware and bootloader software.

Examples are done with Black Magic probe debugger and Eclipse or Visual Studio Code editor (VSC). Examples include json files with building and debugging settings for VSC.

Connecting Pixracer with Black Magic Probe

Here is the link to the blog post which describes how to connect it.

Static Linux device port for Black Magic Probe (VSCode config in examples use it)

You would like to have the same port name each time you connect disconnect your Black Magic Probe. Here is the description of how to do it.

Create or modify the file:

sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/50-usb.rules

Add this line:

ACTION=="add", ATTRS{interface}=="Black Magic GDB Server", MODE="0777", SYMLINK+="ttyBMP"

and after editing, do this command:

sudo udevadm trigger

After you reconnect your BMP, you can use ttyBMP instead ttyACMx.

Building from VSCode

Press ctrl + B and select build or clean.

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