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ikSpriter 0.1

PHP script with html front-end to generate packed CSS sprites.


  • Uses texture packing algorithm that is often used in game industry (thanks to @jakesgordon for that one, had to learn ruby syntax to convert it to PHP)
  • Supports CSS, LESS, Stylus syntax
  • Mixins for LESS and Stylus as an option

Script takes

$_POST['prefix'] = "sprite_" // the prefix used for sprite classes
$_POST['type'] = "stylus" ("css", "lessm", "stylusm") // type of the css to be returned
$_POST['group'] // if isset then group selectors for the image declaration

Script returns JSON

	"width":100, // sprite width in pixels
	"height":100, // sprite height in pixels
	"url":"/sprite.png", // the actual location of the sprite image
	"oldSize":384177, // the overall size in Bytes of all images that were processed
	"newSize":429927, // the size in Bytes of the sprite image
	"css":"..." // formatted CSS

By default PHP has a limit for file uploads at 20 files a time. Add something like max_file_uploads = 500 to your php.ini if you want to be able to process more files.

There are still a lot of optimizations can be done, but I realized that this will never be published if I will wail till it's perfect. It works and does its job and I'm satisfied with that.

Special thanks to SlKelevro for his help and advices. :)


PHP script with front-end to generate packed sprites



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