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Turn your digital photos into 3D objects!
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Get it on Google Play

An Android application where you can create 3D models of a picture and even 3D print it!

Available printing materials range from colored plastics, wax, stainless steel, gold, silver, brass, bronze, platinum, aluminum, and many more!

Take pictures of your friends, family or pets and have them Carbonized!

Have a look at the Shapeways Carbonizr Shop for ideas, prints, and creations!

Miniature Landmarks

statue of liberty src statue of liberty

skyline src skyline

Educational Frames

brain src brain

cell src cell

Scenic Frames

waterfall src waterfall

Action Shots

ping pong src ping pong


doge with it src doge with it

... And the rest to your imagination

Powered by Shapeways and LibGDX.

Want to create your own 3D-printing app? Here's their Getting Started page!

Curious what the server looks like? 3D Image Conversion Server.

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