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Example Vue.js architecting app

This project is a initial commit from the startup that I work

Criar novo componente

Componente wrapper => colocar na pasta src/components/pages/MvComponentName/MvComponentName.vue Componente genérico => colocar na pasta src/components/shared-components/MvComponentName/MvComponentName.vue

Não colocar o style na tag style do componente, usar stylus com [divição de pastas](#Criar novo estilo) para componentes

Criar novo estilo

Estilo para componente wrapper => colocar na pasta src/stylus/pages/component-name/_component-name.vue Estilo para componente genérico => colocar na pasta src/stylus/components/component-name/_component-name.vue

E fazer o import dele em src/stylus/main.styl

Criar nova rota

Colocar na pasta src/router/routes/RouteName.js, com a seguinte sintaxe

import MyBeatyComponent from '@/components/pages/MvMyBeatyComponent/MvMyBeatyComponent'

export default {
  path: '/path-to-your-content', // put in Portuguese
  name: 'RouteName',
  components: MyBeatyComponent

Criar novo filtro

Colocar na pasta src/filters/filter-name.js, com a seguinte sintaxe

export default {
  name: 'filter-name',
  handler: (value, arg1, arg2) => // your handler filter function

e importar e incluir no arquivo src/filters/index.js

Build Setup

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev

# build for production with minification
npm run build

# build for production and view the bundle analyzer report
npm run build --report